Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Heaven Sauna near Silom

Heaven Sauna near Silom

Easy to reach, reasonably priced, clean and well maintained, high numbers of customers. However few of them qualify as young or slim. If you like chubby and/or older, this place will be heaven for you!

Directions on their website: http://heavensauna.com/map.html

Entry Mon-Fri 150, Sat-Sun 160, after 22:00 only 50 (any day).
Open every day 13:00-23:30.
(Data posted at the sauna, slightly different from data on their website.)

Big locker, one big towel of good quality. You receive condom and lube with key for locker, towel is in the locker. Website shows a Jacuzzi, I didn’t see it. Most areas well lit. Free cold drinking water (single use paper cups). Most customers walk around in towel.

1st floor (referring to sauna entrance level which is on 4th floor from Silom/Mahesak) reception, locker room, restaurant, karaoke, large number of Thai language magazines (Attitude was the gayest I spotted), gym. One spiral staircase leads up.
2nd floor maze and rooms (tested light in 4 of them: works), porn corner, sauna (can seat more than 5 comfortably, light through glass door and light bulb in sauna, 135 degree Celsius), steam room (light only through glass door, can seat 15 and stand 15 comfortably), rooftop garden (smoking allowed), group showers (all with shower gel, some with hot water).

1st visit December 2011
From memory, impressions similar to second visit.
Heaven Sauna more for Matured Men?

2nd visit Friday 11.09.2015 18:38-19:50
Don’t notice any difference to first visit. Between 50 and 100 customers throughout my stay. All too old and too fat for my taste.

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  1. That's what the LED display at the control box outside said. That would be on the upper end of the temperature range in a sauna. Inside, it didn't feel hotter than others.

  2. If I remember well, but again my visit is by now quite some time ago, the jakoozie is outside-there is(was?0 a kind of open-air terrace, a bit protected from view by astifical bushes.
    What i found kind of strange was the layout-to get into the showers one has to go through the maze/cabins first-not very hygienic.


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