Thursday, 17 September 2015

Special Cinema (5) State Cinema in Samrong

Special Cinema (5) State Cinema in Samrong

update 30jan2018: closed for good

Open 11-19:30, 50 Baht entry. The place is huge, space for estimated 500 customers. Sukhumvit Soi 78 (Soi State ซอยเสตท), that is already in Samrong สำโรง in Samut Prakarn province จ.สมุทรปราการ. Many bus lines from Central Bangkok pass. BTS extension past Bearing under construction, it will be one station after Bearing. Entrance of Safe house sauna is 40 m north of entrance of cinema.


Following the first ever published picture from inside a special cinema, I believe. Looks like a normal cinema, but run down and lack of maintenance, and porn on screen. The human eye has a wider range than my camera (or I have to use a different setting, this pic is ISO 12800 and 1 sec) and allows to discern more details in the unlit seating area and on the bright screen at the same time than in the picture.

They use tickets from 
Bang Kae Rama on Phetchgasem road 176/171
โรงภาพยนตร์บางแครามา 176/171 ถ.เพชรเกษม ภาษีเจิญ

1st visit Sunday 06.09.2015
Ticket booth not occupied, they let me in for free shortly before closing. Stay 19:10-15, about 5 other customers. Staff tells me the place is busiest 12-13. Many rows of seats next to screen removed, a vast empty field with steps.

2nd visit Saturday 12.09.2015
Stay 15:00-22, over 30 customers. First time I witness a fuck in such a place.

Like all other similar venues: not a place I would like to have sex in, nobody there I would like to have sex with.

The Southeast Asia Movie Theater Project: The State Cinema

Great post about historical background and girly venues in the area:

some more pictures:

Now I have been to all five currently operating gay cruising cinemas (not porn cinemas, some play normal movies) in Bangkok and have the tickets to prove it. From top Laemtong, Phahon Theater, Hawaii, Bang Kae Rama (State Cinema), Chinatown Rama. The ticket book comes with double tickets like in top row, either cashier rips only one off for customer or doorman rips one off and keeps it, in this one case out of all visits doorman was absent so I got to keep double ticket.

But there is nothing of interest for me. In a total of about 15 visits, I spotted one boy I would pay for sex and some bordercases (who might turn into “wouldn’t take him for free” if seen in light).

I will visit some more cinemas that I know (as far as I can tell, all abandoned and closed, but you never know) for architecture and urban decay, then I will close this chapter.

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  1. Beware of this cinema. I had my Mobile snatched from me while 3 guys restrained me.

  2. And aggro soi dogs can be be a problem

  3. I think you have saved a lot of gay tourist from a boring and possibly bad experience. Good information to know and pass on to others.

  4. It's an interesting part of gay live in Bangkok, but I guess there is nothing to gain for my readers. Robbery could happen in any of these theaters. A friend told me similar places exist in Jakarta and Manila, so it's not unique to Bangkok.

  5. I went to the State today and it's closed down! I will always have happy memories of all the wild times i had there.

  6. Update 30jan2018: closed for good.

    I passed today and the people who hung out in the lobby told me it's closed for renovation and will open next month (but couldn't tell me a date). I didn't see any signs of construction or renovation work.


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