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M-Place sauna Nonthaburi

M-Place sauna Nonthaburi

Last time they advertised in gay magazines was years ago, and their website shows a countdown for Happy New Year 2013. But when I call the landline number on their website, I learn that the place is open.

M-Place สถานออกกำลังกาย - ซาวน่าสำหรับท่านชาย
ที่อยู่: 84/5 ซ.เรวดี 14 ถ.ติวานนท์ อ.เมือง จ.นนทบุรี
โทร.: 02 951 4918 มือถือ: 081 623 7220
M Place located at 84/5 Soi Rawadee 14 Tiwanon Road, Nonthaburi, not far from Kae Rai intersection. Our desk telephone is 02 951 4918 and mobile is 081 623 7220.

(and map as well)

says (slightly edited for brevity and typos):
How to get to the M Place:
   - It is around 500 meters from Soi Rawadee on Tiwanon Road, opposite to Soi Bamrasnaradura hospital of the Ministry of Public Health. Then around 100 meters from Soi Rawadee 14 to the place.
   - It can be reached via Soi Ratanathibet 3 on Ratanathibed Road(big cut out of KENWOOD) to Soi Rawadee 11 and then turn left to Soi Rawadee 14.
   - Public buses pass Soi Rawadee on Thiwanon Road - line 32, 63, 90, 32, air con. 63, air con. 114, air con. 32, air con.505,air con 545.
   - Public buses pass Ratanathibet Road - line 134, air con.134.

For taxi: (instructions in Thai, cannot copy and paste from internet and when I open saved website in notepad, there is only nonsense).

MRT purple line (will open in 2016) stations Nonthaburi Civic Center and Ministri of Public Health are in 10 minutes walking distance. Near the sauna, I spotted bus 505, which should go to Lumpini park, but never saw 505 at Lumpini park. Tricycles are still in use in the area around the sauna.


There is no house number, sign with name on wall is covered by bushes, sign on house is covered by tree. But people in the soi pointed me to the right house.

Car park in front of the house. Garden with sitting area and smoking area.
1st floor (ground floor): reception, locker, group shower (gel and shampoo), bar with free drinks (ice, water, red Fanta), garden, sauna can easily seat 10, steam room can easily seat 15.
2nd floor porn room (white porn when I was there), private rooms (dimmable light in at least two rooms, others no light, no light elsewhere). There is a pillar in the middle of the hallway.
All rooms air-conditioned. Felt chilly in some places (under cold air stream).
Several dogs around (parking, reception, garden).

Friday 03.07.2015
Enter 20:30. Entry 100 Baht, condom and lube at reception, one big towel of good quality. Big locker. First impression positive, everything modern and well maintained.

I learn that while opening times 15 – 23, they close early (9 or 10, in my case around 9:30) if there are only few customers. I am told busiest time is Fri-Sat-Sun 6-7.

Over 10 customers, except for one bordercase all far too fat for my taste. The bordercase (name First) involves me in conversation and follows me and finally gets me into a room. A bit too fat and too pale, but cute face and warm and dry skin (except hands and butt cheeks) and no body hair.

Leave 21:40 (they are closing). Chat with the owner, good English and even speaks some German (studied German at Goethe Institute years ago). Join First and two of his friends for dinner. They are there by car. Afterwards, take bus home.

I did not ask for his phone number (because there will be no more sexual activity) and he did not ask for my phone number.

Sunday 16.08.2015 second visit
Stay 18:33 to 19:48. About 20 customers throughout, all too old and too fat for my taste. Several of the owner’s tame dogs sleep at reception.

Saturday 29.08.2015 third visit
Stay 17:58-19:28. About 15 customers when I enter, estimated 20-30 when I leave. All too old and too fat for my taste (but then spot cute boys in slum and on mocy in front of internet café when walking to bus stop). Big towel and small towel of good quality. Free water and fruit juice and guava.

This is the best value for money in all gay saunas in Bangkok I have been to by entry price (100 Baht, among the lowest) compared with standards of facilities (among the best). Contestant for “hidden gem” once I have been to all saunas.

The sauna is in Nonthaburi province, nonetheless filed as Bangkok sauna because you don’t notice when you cross the border and it’s well connected by Bangkok bus and taxi.

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