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Addendum to recent Pattaya trip: Pattaya to Bangkok by train

Addendum to recent Pattaya trip:  Pattaya to Bangkok by train

When I had dinner with the Cambodian boy from Wild West Boys in Casa Fellini (he was not hungry, but I was), I overheard him chatting with the waiter in Thai. The waiter asked where he comes from: Thailand, Rayong (a lie). The talked about gay bars in Boyztown and Jomtien and finally the waiter asked again if he is sure to be Thai and not Cambodian, whereupon he admitted being Cambodian.

I have been lied to about his origin by a Vietnamese boy in Scorpion bar (who claimed to be from Chiang Mai, but a Thai friend inquired details he could not provide), so I wonder why they do this. The average Farang doesn’t notice or doesn’t care, but a Thai person surely can hear the person is not a native speaker of Thai. Why lie?
I met a few boys from elsewhere who are fluent in Thai (as far as I can tell), but cannot read and write Thai.

----- Train between Bangkok and Pattaya

Train stations that serve Pattaya area are called (from the Thai railway timetable, north to south): Bang Lamung, Pattaya, Pattaya Tai, Ban Huai Khwang, Yanasangwararam, Suan Nongnut.

The main station (Pattaya, with a counter where tickets are sold; I have seen Pattaya Tai and Suan Nongnut and there was nobody) is here on google maps:

The others can be found by following the railway line on google maps. From Sunee, I got there by baht bus along South Pattaya to Sukhumvit (10 THB) and another one along Sukhumvit road northwards (had to wait about 5 minutes in the shade of the pedestrian bridge, 10 THB), and finally walk (shortest way from Sukhumvit seems to be 1.2 km / 14 min walk via Pornprapanimit road).

Pattaya Tai railway station is just a platform (no bench, no roof) best accessible via Thep Prasit road or Sukhumvit road and Kao Talo, about 600 m / 7 km walk from Sukhumvit.

(Update: You can see the railway station when from the flyover bridge in North Pattaya that the bus 389 or 9905 takes when it goes to Bangkok, about 500 m on your right.)

----- Benches on Beach road

Benches have been added to the sidewalk of Beach road (initially there was no place to sit except the ground after the reconstruction of Beach road). They are stainless steel and wood. There are stainless steel spikes in the middle of the seating area, I have no idea why they added these, the only use I can imagine is as butt plug.

(photos are on the damaged MicroSD card from my mobile phone)

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  1. THink, dear Christian. Here in this area of BKK they have done numerous trials with benches/seats etc-and in the end they all got taken away. They all got taken by homeless people as soon as possible-some even installing their whole belongings around them. In the small park nearby are expressive signs in Thai, that ''non=sleep, or rather lie-down'' is NOT allowed (HAM).
    Stations without ticket windows/staff are simply called ''halts'' (not satanee).
    To reach the main station in Pattaya-best is to use a motosy-teksi.

  2. (The above comment, although anonymous, can easily identified as "pong" from the writing style.)

    That makes sense, the "butt plugs" are in the middle of the bench, so you cannot lay down on the bench, only sit.

  3. nice post,Bangkok and pattaya trip is always good in all point of view.everyone enjoy there trip.


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