Saturday, 15 February 2014

Makha Bucha day at Wat Phra Thammakay

Makha Bucha day at Wat Phra Thammakaya (วันมาฆบูชา วัดพระธรรมกาย)

Friday, 14.02.2014 (for the same event last year see recent post, in this post only changes over the year)

15:57 board bus 29 free in Lak Si, drives past National Memorial, Zeer Rangsit, Chokchai Museum, arrive Future Rangsit 16:23

walk around, then take taxi 16:32-49 to 100 year building in Wat Phra Thammakaya (13 km, 100 THB, certainly advisable compared to bus 1008 which takes about an hour)

The 100 year building is about 80% complete now (last year only begin of construction):

funny food-themed fountains:

before entering the cloister:

in the cloister, the front area is full of people, but the back area is empty:

About 17:30, there is an announcement in English. I finally made it to the last dome, but it is not open to public:

I had a walk along the outer corner of the cloister, it took me 10 min 25 sec normal walking from one end to the other, which means side lenght of about 1000 m (by google maps) is correct, which means this cloister is a square with 1 km outer side length!

Sun sets, I stay until begin of candle lighting ceremony and leave 19:00. At the entrance (25 minutes walk), I immediately get a taxi back home.

The dome near the entrance now has water fountain, lit at night:

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