Saturday, 22 February 2014

Boy Karaokes in Pattaya

Boy Karaokes in Pattaya

On recent visits in Pattaya, I drove past (on motorbike taxi) Karaokes with evocative names (from memory):

Freshy Boys, Star Boys Pub, Karaoke Boy Band, Hot Man, Enjoyman, Romeo

These places were mostly between South Pattaya Road and Central Pattaya Road, along Third Road or Bua Khao.

Now I am neither a Karaoke person nor a late night person, so I didn't go to any of these places. But the names indicate that boys are available there for sexual services (concluded from girly places with "lady", "girl", or "pussy" in their name). The following quote confirms this assumption, but I would like to know more about such places. There must be dozens all over Pattaya.

Quote from: Pattaya/Bkk Clubs late night venue updates.
[quote="colmx"]BTW we also visited Lucifer Karaoke in Soi Chaipoom one night, 1 litre of JWR + all mixers there is 1500B - so great value...
For those that have never been to a boy karaoke:
-Every hour the boys stand (dressed) on a stage, the mamasan tries to auction them off and invite you to ask them to join you at your table
-Its 200B per boy/per hour that you invite to drink with you... so you pick 1 or 2 that you like
-Those that are uninvited float around for the hour until the scenario starts all over again, you can re-invite the guy you had the previous hour or try someone new

The guys are well trained in drinking shots so as to keep the mixer usage down and some of the uninvited will ask to join drink and play drinking games (you don't have to pay for the uninvited guests)

The cutest boy we had sitting with us went from very poochai acting to screaming queen by the time he had lost 10 games and drank 10 shots![/quote]

J.J. Karaoke near Tuk-Com even have a poster with dozens of shirtless boys near its entrance.

On my way back to Sunee around 9 pm, in Soi VC a mocy with two cute twinky boys with shirts “Shark Club Tom Boy Karaoke” (from memory) drove past.

Chatting with an acquaintance in Sunee, I asked about a boy I had three times, he is in Tee Derm Karaoke ที่เดิม in Soi Kho Pai. They have plenty of boys, customers are man and women, my source told me.

But on my last visit I stayed up past 3 am without being tired (usually I want to be in bed at 1 am), so next time I might go to one of these. Further information (places where boys are available for homosexual activities, prices, how to behave as a single Farang customer) welcome.


  1. Boy Karaokes in Pattay
    'Cuz I owe you a few hundred.

  2. Christian:
    The "boys" that you saw wearing the "Shark Club Tom Boy Karaoke" were actually butch lesbian girls!
    Just like Thailand has boys who dress like girls - it also has girls who dress like Boys (Tom boys)
    Some of the Tom boys can be gorgeous... unfortunately they are missing one of the most important pieces of equipment when it comes to bed time!


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