Saturday, 15 February 2014

Thai Best Massage Silom Soi 8

Thai Best Massage Silom Soi 8

From their business card (map on back side):

Thai Best Massage
Khun Boy
Tel: 02-634-2889
130/8 Silom Soi 8, Silom Rd, Suriyawong,
Bangrak, Bangkok

Soi 8 is a small soi, not a thoroughfare, so they don’t get traffic from people passing through (bad for business), but they have enough space in front of the shop to have all available masseurs (between 5 and 10 every time I walked past) sitting outside (which I like).

In November 2013, I spotted a cute boy S sitting elsewhere and having dinner with his friends. I see on his shirt that he belongs to a massage parlor, so I ask his name and where he works and go there a few days later. He is new and not yet trained for oil massage, so I book him for 1 hour Thai massage. We start with me lying on my front, nude, but when it’s time to turn around S asks me to put on shorts for massage. This indicates he is not yet aware what’s going on or new and shy, so I leave it at massage.

Interesting way to share one aircon for two rooms (have seen similar in Playboy massage as well):

Sunday, 26.01.2014

I wanted to meet another masseur in Silom, but he is not in yet. Have a promising conversation on gayromeo, but my chat partner goes offline. Walk past Thai Best Massage and S is sitting outside, let’s see if they have trained him for oil massage and told him how he can earn some extras. On the way in I have doubts, I don’t like tight trousers, I very much prefer shorts (so you can slip your hands in) and sleeveless shirts like they have it in Soi Twilight. The room has built-in shower, very convenient. Massage table with face well. Good massage, not shy (i.e. on long strokes on my calves his hands touch my butt and balls, without sexual innuendo, but I had other massages where masseur avoids getting close to these regions).

Then it’s time to turn around. In a suitable moment, I put my hand on his waist. He asks if I want extra and how much I would tip. 1000 THB is immediately accepted. He takes off his shirt and now I notice (see and touch) the contour of his dick through his tight trouser on his thigh, a big turn on! So tight trousers can be sexy. Take off trousers and shorts (not my style) as well: I would guess 6 inch and nice shape. We continue massage but soon veer off into fooling around.

Dim the light, better than in my room or hotel room, where you can either have full light, or light in the main room off and light in bathroom on an door open with shy boys. The table allows more positions than a bed: both can lie or sit or one sitting/lying the other standing. Warm brown skin, glistening from traces of massage oil, lovely to watch and touch! First he wanks me, then he comes on my abdomen and afterwards we shower together (shower is big enough for us two).

A very nice experience, worth every Baht, and I want to repeat it as soon as possible. Cherished the memories throughout my visa run in Lao. In fact, it was the first point on my list of things to do after return.

Verdict (based on one Thai massage and one oil massage with the same masseur): competitive prices (1h oil 400 THB), premises clean and new, professional massage in both visits and excellent happy ending on second visit. They have the highest number of masseurs (except for Soi Twilight massage) in front of their shop, which is an important factor for me as I only chose from those sitting in front, not from pictures or inside the shop.

Update 11.02.2014: first thing after coming back from visa run, go back to Thai Best Massage. Arrive 15:40, S is not sitting outside, ask the boys: he will/might come in at 4 pm. Stroll along Silom, back 4:05 pm, ask manager: sometimes comes in late, try again at 5 or 6. Too late, come back another day, go elsewhere (Playboy massage, different story).

Update 15.02.2014: go to Thai Best in the evening, S not in. Ask manager: he is home (i.e. went back to his home province?), they don't know when he will be back. Ask for phone number, I will call him some day to inquire directly. 


  1. Thank you for a great lead, will pay a visit there when next time in BKK, I like those straight massage places on Silom, always exciting to see what happens while in more mainstream gay places we know what happens from the start

  2. Thanks for the story. I always stay at nantra silom which is next to thai best. It was opened december 2012, and i always have the joy of looking at them hanging out outside whenever i came back to the hotel. There were a lot of boys last december, some were disturbingly very very very young. Hee hee hee.

    I wonder if you have tried Prime, which is just behind thai best. But u can't choose the boy though... we were assigned to one...

  3. Nice story.


  4. Have you been back to this place?? Any more massage experiences to share?

  5. I have been back, about once per month. One massage with another way was not so good (see separate post), but with my regular everything fine, nothing new. Still good, I would say best, choice of twinks, and all outside on display (unlike other shops who have only 2 m front on Silom road).

    1. Interesting... thanks! I will be back in BKK on 1 August & will check it out.

      There are certainly plenty of cute guys at various places on Silom Rd. I am always unsure that that they can do good massage (like Prime or Montara). I'm pretty certain that they don't do the 'extras' (like Arena or Fan Club).

    2. Some do, some don't do "special", which menas HJ. Had that many times at Prime, the one time I tried the new Montara the guy was not interested, even though I did get hard at one point during the massage. More often than not, they do special in my experience.

      That uncertainty if they will or not is actually part of the fun, as vinapu already pointed out ;-)

      Another place for really good massages is Pranee in Silom, on the 2nd floor above Boots under BTS Saladaeng.

  6. Thai Best Massage Silom Soi 8 is gone (around July 2017).

  7. why did they close? any good place for massage with young boys like there before?

    1. I don't know why they closed and everywhere else (massage places) in Silom I passed all average looking boys, no clear hit.


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