Friday, 21 February 2014

Pattaya 16.-19.02.2014

Pattaya 16.-19.02.2014

Sunday, 16.02.2014

Bus 187, 16 THB, 16:37 Lak Si – 16:59 Victory Monument
Van station north of Victory Monument, 150 THB, 16:23 Victory Monument – 19:02 Tuk Com Pattaya

Cupidol 21:00 – 35, orange juice 160 THB, 12 boys, all in individual underwear (nice), aircon ok, music too loud (but don’t need earplugs), smoking allowed, selection of boys and underwear promising, about 10 customers during my stay

21:40 have a look into X-Boys, there are 3 (in words: three) boys on stage, mamasan says more will come later, a few customers are in the bar, boys wear camouflage briefs (nice), one member of staff was smoking when I looked in. That’s quite a disappointment, two boys on my list work in X-boys, but they were not among the 3 on stage. I will be back another day (or make a direct arrangement).

Boyz Boyz Boyz (haven’t been for years) 21:50 – 22:30 about 15 boys on main stage and two small side stages in the audience, they wear different styles of white briefs, aircon ok, music too loud (but don’t need earplugs), no smoking, many customers, rotation of boys good, hot tea 200 THB. At 22:30, just before the show, all boys (about 20) gather on the stage, all seats in first, second and third row are taken, I leave quickly as I have no interest in the show.

23:40 at Eros Sunee ask for a boy I had in December: gone home. Most boys are sitting with customers. (update: chat with the boy on Line: in his hometown)

Happy Boys (haven’t been for a while) 23:45 – 00:15 boys wear kind of boxer shorts, not my style. 9 boys. I spot a boy who is cute. Orange juice 100, beer for boy 130, off fee 300. He has been working there for a year, good English. I vaguely remember my last visit, I think that’s when I saw him sitting with a customer, but when I came back the following day he was not in.

Have the boy sit with me. Skin temperature check neutral. Off him. Sex is so-so. It just a takes a few hairs too much on his crotch and skin temperature a few degrees too low, and I lose interest. The boy likes the underwear I have him wear for me. Tip 1000 Baht.

General observation from these 3 bar visits: aircon comfortable in all bars (I remember times when I felt cold in bars, and how about the boys?), significantly fewer tattoos than there used to be (maybe I should do another tattoo count?).

Monday 17.02.2014

Have a look at Thais4live bookshop. Interesting selection, but this time nothing for me.

On the way back, I cross paths with timmberty and we stop for a long chat.
Timmberty: “Is there anything interesting on the boards? I don’t post anymore.”
ChristianPFC: “Hahaha! What do you mean, you don’t post anymore? You have been blocked everywhere!” (from memory, with timberty’s consent).

“I don’t post anymore.” ROFL!

Take songthaeo to Naklua, then walk to J & K bookshop (Pothisan near soi 8). The bookshop has been stripped down, nothing left. Ask at a shop next to it: business closed (permanently).

Bottle art museum (see below).

On my way back, I walk past their former shop (about 100 m west of Dolphin roundabout on North Pattaya road). Note from Dec 2012 about moving to new location. Why move and then close after just one year?

The bottle art museum has been low on my list of things to do for a while. It’s in walking distance, so I check opening times on my mobile phone and walk there (Sukhumvit road, about 100 m north of Bangkok Pattaya hospital, opposite Mini Siam). Speaking Thai and claiming to be working in Thailand gets me in for the Thai entry (100 THB, foreigner 200 THB). Three rooms, I stay there 15:25 – 45, I am the only visitor.

On my way back (walking), I chat on gayromeo with a boy I have known for 3 years, but not met for 10 months. He works as a shop assistant, 6 days per week, Monday day off, 11-20, 9000 Baht per month. His mobile is broken or lost (but no request for replacement), so we cannot call or chat once he leaves his room. Arrange meeting 17:40 at Pattaya Avenue at the bookshop. I arrive 17:40, he is not there. I spend 15 minutes in the bookshop, then I remember similar situations with this and other boys, so I go to the cinema, where he is waiting for me (but I have written record on gayromeo: 17:40 bookshop!).

We check films and agree on Hercules. While ordering the tickets, I overhear him talking (in Thai) with the cashier: the film is dubbed in Thai, but that won’t be a problem for the Farang (i.e. me) to understand. Oh yes, it’s a problem! Strangely, if Thais talk about me, I understand on average 80%, even if I don’t listen. But in a movie, it would be below 50%, I wouldn’t be able to follow the movie. So have to choose another movie.

I am indifferent, so I let him choose: Tai-Hong-Tai-Hien ตายโหง ตายเฮี้ยน, a Thai horror movie. I have never watched a Thai horror movie, but I like western horror movies (Final destination, Saw), so I agree. Thai language, English subtitles. There are a few funny scenes, but overall the movie was horrible.

My friend: “Did you like the movie?”
ChristianPFC: “No.”
My friend: “But I like the movie. I think you don’t like because you don’t understand. But I understand.”

So this seems to be cultural issue. I like Western horror movies, but this one was just horrible, gross, abysmal, didn’t make any sense. If it had been a book, TV, internet, I would have left soon, but having paid entry and being with a friend, I sat through the entire movie (18:50 – 20:40, and that were a long 110 minutes!).

General observation on taking dates to movies: This is a cliché, and I will stop doing it. Agreeing on a movie (I don’t remember which movie was my second choice, but my friend said he had watched it already on internet) then spending the waiting time somewhere, I think I will avoid this by going alone. Anyway, there is nothing to do together during the movie and rarely something to talk about after the movie.

We walk towards South Pattaya road. I am hungry, M is not. So we part 9 pm and agree to meet at my place 10 pm (keep in mind that our only way for communication is gayromeo, I online on my phone and he from his room). I am indifferent towards sex, but let’s see what happens next.

Dinner, then wait in the bar and chat with Farang friends. There are a few German retiree regulars at Gurke, some of them entertaining*, unfortunately all smokers. M does not come. I write to him on gayromeo a few times, ho reply (but he is online). Being in a state of sexual satiation, I leave it to chance: either he comes (and we might end up in bed) or this is a no-sex day. He does not come, so I go to bed alone. (Update: he fell asleep in his room. The following day, he notices the missed chance and asks when and where we can meet again. Too late, I have other plans.)

*e.g. R, who has to use cream on his hands and protect them with plastic gloves when driving motorcycle. He tells me these are his fisting gloves, he wants to fist me with both hands, up to the elbow, and then clap his hands inside me. Funny by my standards.

Tuesday 18.02.2014

Go to photo shop to have pictures from my mobile phone printed for a friend. I ponder taking cable USB to micro USB with me (so I don’t have to open phone to take out MicroSD card), but assume they have one in the shop. WRONG.

Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups. (Under Siege 2: Dark Territory)

They don’t have a cable, I have to take the MicroSD card out of my phone. Printing pictures takes just 30 minutes and costs just 60 Baht for 12 pictures. However a few hours later, I notice that my mobile phone doesn’t recognize the memory card any more. (Update Friday: go to shop where I bought the mobile phone: my phone recognizes other memory cards, so there is a problem with the card. The salesperson tells me the card I got included in the price of the phone is of low quality and probably damaged. Ask in a computer shop: they can’t read the card and recommend data recovery service, spoils my entire Friday afternoon: total over 3 hours, 140 THB taxi to shop, 130 THB back, both in slow traffic, new MicroSD 16 GB 330 THB). Lost data: pictures, screenshots (instead of taking notes if I want to remember something for looking up later), databases for app (dictionaries, the histories of words I looked up are lost, I scroll through the history when I have idle time).

I have one particular boy in mind for tonight, but I plan to go to the beach or sauna, so I might find someone else, so I can’t let him know yet that he is the chosen one should no-one else cross my path.

Nothing else to do in early afternoon, so I walk from Sunee to Central Festival to watch a movie, alone. On Soi VC, a cute boy says hello and we chat. I might have seen him before, but I’m not horny, so we leave it at general chat. I should at least have asked if he is a moneyboy and exchanged phone numbers!

In the entrance hall, there is cute boy who is smiling at me and following me with his eyes. But again, not horny, different plans, but this would be a good training. This proves how unskilled I am at real live gay encounters. You would have to beat me to it.

The first movie I watched in 3D, the 3D glasses are compatible with my glasses, and the 3D effects work.

Then songtheao to Sansuk sauna. Construction work almost finished. Arrive 4 pm, few customers (about 20, mainly Farang). Order food, read newspaper. One waiter is cute. At 5 and 6 it gets fuller, and at 7 and 8 it is brimming. But there is nobody to my taste, bordercases at best. I don’t even go to labyrinth and sauna, as there is poor light and everyone who enters will pass the restaurant/pool area, where I sit comfortably and in good light.

My neighbor chats me up, he is Austrian, nickname K. He invites me for a beer and we exchange thoughts on Thai boys and living and traveling in Thailand. He is extrovert, he chats up passing Thai boys and afterwards I ask “Do you know him?” “No, this is the first time I see him.” (translated from German)

That’s my first beer this year. It’s about 7 pm, nobody to my taste in the sauna, so I have to arrange a meeting with the boy I had in mind. Message him on Line: no answer (but I have delays up to 1 hour in noticing and answering messages, so check again later). About 7:30 I am preparing to leave, my bottle is empty, but K is adamant I stay for another bottle. I finally get out of his clutches at 9, far later than I had planned. I can’t reach my boy on the phone, so I have to change my plan with whom I will spend the night. To make matters worse, I feel tipsy (two bottles of Chang, 330 ml, 6 % alcohol content).

On the way back to Pattaya, I weigh options: no stop in Sunee to change clothes, that would cost too much time. Directly to boyztown, ask in the bar for the boy, if he is not in try X-Boys again. The boy is in, his phone is broken.

We go to my room, unfortunately he cannot stay overnight as he is going to meet a friend in Dave. But he is as fantastic as before. I spend more time in the bar, chatting with other customers. Go to bed 3:30 am. Amazing how much traffic there still is at that time, the manager says sometimes they close at 5 or 6.

I tried the mosquito repellant (spray), as there is a problem with mosquitoes. I get bitten regularly, but not much itching. I don’t like creams and sprays on my skin, but this quickly dries and then I don’t notice it any more on my skin, and it works!

Wednesday 19.02.2014

Train from Pattaya to Bangkok. There are several train stations: Pattaya (main station, central Pattaya), Jomtien and Nong Nooch. Trains run only on weekdays, Bangkok Hua Lampong 6:55 (too early for me) Pattaya 10:35; Pattaya 14:21 to Bangkok Hua Lampong 18:25, price 31 Baht.

Train leaves Pattaya 14:25, arrives in Bangkok Hua Lampong 18:25. There is not much to see the first 3 hours of the trip, in Bangkok it becomes more interesting. No traffic jam for train, on the contrary, the train has priority over cars.

In Pattaya the train was about 10% occupied, in Hua Lampong it was about 50% occupied. Train is much more suitable for cruising than other public transport. You can walk through it while it drives, there are more people than in a bus.

And indeed I spot a cute boy on the platform in Sri Ratcha. So I walk through the train after departure, and we smile at each other when I walk past him. Now it would be his turn to walk through the train, but he doesn’t. I walk past him another time, no reaction. But two hours later, he is smoking on the bridge and another Thai man chats me up when I walk past and we end up sitting next to each other. These bridges between wagons seem to the point to chat people up (observation from several train trips), you go there either to smoke or to watch out of the train.

We chat in Thai and here the information I collected (I could have worked in the Stasi – former eastern Germany secret service): name, age, phone number, born in Bangkok, he has a scar from a burn on his right hand and a scar from a fan blade on his left arm, long fingers (inherited from his father, who is 200 cm tall), he is 180 cm, studies (architecture?) in Sri Ratcha, visits his parents in Don Mueang, return Sunday (by own car?), invites me to meet him in Sri Ratcha or Pattaya (where he will go on March 19 with a friend), he has been to The Great Holy Relics Pagoda of Naphamethanidon – Naphapholphumisiri in Chiang Mai (he gave me one of the two used tickets he had with him, so I remember the place – I have seen pictures before and it’s on my list of places to go).

At Hua Lampong, buy ticket for the next train to Lak Si (20 Baht; the boy buys ticket to Don Mueang, 20  Baht as well). Half an hour time, walk around: the two mocy taxi drivers from the foursome last year are still there, immediately recognize me and are up for a repeat. No songtam seller ladies (who sell other things, I mean services, as well) at that time (7 pm).


  1. Very entertaining!
    Indeed, you should have been a great asset to the Stasi.
    I like your honest reporting with all your quirks, so refreshing.

  2. Most Thai boys don't like reading.
    Instead of meeting at a book shop, the cinema is a better rendezvous point methinks.


  3. Great report as usual.

    Good thing you stood up to boy M who fell asleep and missed date with you, if he is not excited at prospect why should be you.

    Are you planning on posting something about Plain of Jars ? , no pressure, just asking, I loved a place when visited in May

  4. I can spend an hour at a bookshop without getting bored waiting for a Thai friend, that's why I usually suggest bookshops as meeting points.

    I will write reports about my time in Laos, it will take a while.


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