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Chiang Rai to Bangkok 10.02.2014

Chiang Rai to Bangkok 10.02.2014

Buses to Bangkok leave from Chiang Rai bus station 2 which is out of town. I booked a ticket for the 7 pm overnight VIP bus at the other bus station in town.

There are indeed not public song thaeos (internet says they stop at 5 pm), so I have to hire a tuk-tuk which costs 80 Baht (asked a song thaeo as well: 100 Baht), trip is 18:17 to 18:28. The bus leaves on time: 19:02. It has one row of seats on one side of the aisle and two rows on the other side. Water and a snack are included in the price. Each passenger gets a blanket (but I still have to wear closed shoes and jacket because aircon is too cold). Within one hour of leaving, we get into 3 police checks, selected checks for ID card or passport, I don't have to show mine.

The rest of the night without incidents, a toilet stop and another stop for food and toilet. The last five kilometers to Mor Chit take about half an hour, there is traffic jam. We arrive 6:18.

Touts descend upon us. I follow one for about 200 m to a nearby parking area, at least he carried my suitcase. There are no taxis with "free" sign, I am asked for 450 Baht flat fare (for a trip that costs about 100 by meter). I should have known better, and indeed this was a variation of what I expected. Not with me, bye bye!

Back on the main road (west of the bus station), I hail an empty taxi, this one as well refuses to use the meter, but takes me back to the bus station for free.

I walk from the west end of the bus station to the east end, there must be hundreds of buses! With standing taxis there the same problem (quote high prices or refuse to take me), but finally I hail a driving taxi which takes me home by meter: 11 km, 90 Baht, 6:38 to 6:55. The problem with standing taxis (who refuse to use the meter) is that they block a full lane, and hailing down taxis and getting in has to take place in second lane.

Finally back home! It will take a week catch up on things I missed on the web.

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  1. you can take citybus136 from the BMTA busstand-and many are free
    Also: get off overnight tourbuses before that jam into Mochit-like at Don Muang or so-often they even tell the passengers that and use bus or taxi from there home


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