Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Money saving tips (2): free buses

Money saving tips (2): free buses

There are free buses in Bangkok, which have written 
รถเมล์ฟรีจากภาษีประชาชน (free bus from ? tax) 
in white letters on blue background on the front window, back window and above the door. There might be a person who distributes tickets, but does not collect money. Only non-aircon buses are free.

Related to this, some shopping centers have free shuttle buses and there are several free shuttle ferries at Sathorn pier.

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  1. the signs say like: rot mail (=bus) free (significantly there is NO Thai word for that!) to help the people (=prachachon). There used to be an earlier sign that said something like ''paid for with your taxmoney''-but that is no more.
    Also TRAINs-only 3d. cl in all-stops rot thammada-are free, but thats for Thai only-you must still get a ticket for 0 bt from the window, in practice free for anyone who looks a bit Asian and can speak the words ''Krung Thep''.
    About half of the red BMTA-buses are free-the others cost 6,5 bt/ride. There should be an even distribution of free/paid buses, but thats not so.
    Free FOOD is often available at many wats (temples)-mostly the leftovers of the very generous donations those monks got in the morning rounds. Also now at the MOB=demonstration sites.

  2. The previous comment by Anonymous proves ChristianPFC's point that you can determine the author from just looking at the writing style in many cases. :P


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