Friday, 14 February 2014

Words of praise: Acyclovir

Words of praise: Acyclovir

I carry the lip herpes virus and a few times a year it breaks out (Herpes labialis, cold sore,, usually in times of stress, overexposure to sun (weak sunburn) or when I have another health problem. Untreated, it takes several days until it reaches its maximum extent and then about two weeks to heal. It’s not painful, but looks horrible, itches and is inconvenient and un-kissable.

But there is help: Aciclovir! As soon as I notice it (light itching, blister), I apply an acyclovir containing cream, there is no outbreak and it heals within days.

I bought cream containing acyclovir once in Thailand (my local pharmacy in Bangkok), once in Lao (Luang Prabang), and in both cases the salesperson immediately knew what I was talking about and what I wanted. (I was prepared for long spelling, extensive explanation, asking superior, checking stock, and finally “sorry don’t have”.) The smallest packing is 1 gram and costs 20 Baht (Thailand, from memory) or 5000 Kip (Lao).

There we have a widely available, cheap and efficient means to treat lip herpes.

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