Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Architecture: Thai armed forces development center

Architecture: Thai armed forces development center

The central building looks like a flying saucer, and other buildings are non-traditional architecture, too.

Inscription at the gate, left side:
หนวยบัญชาการทหารพัฒนา กองบัญชาการกองทัพไทย

Inscription at the gate, right side: นทพ. เทิดราชัน ทันสมัย พัฒนา

Location: About 3 km northeast of Don Mueang airport, main entrance on thanon Nawong Pracha Phatthana (ถ. นาวงประชาพัฒนา).

13.9380011,100.5703309 = 13°56'16.8"N 100°34'13.2"E

How did I know about this place? I drove past (in a distance) in a taxi and noticed it, and I saw it from a high building a few kilometers away. Googlemaps (with photos) gave exact location. 

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