Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Vans at Victory Monument

Vans at Victory Monument

For my recent trip from Bangkok Sathorn to Ang Thong, I did usual optimization of travel (price, time, convenience):

Closest train station to Ang Thong is Ayutthaya, that would be a three leg travel: bus or MRT to Hua Lampong, train to Ayutthaya, van or bus to Ang Thong.

Bus from Mor Chit would require double change of transport as well (no direct bus from Sathorn to Mor Chit bus station).

Fastest and most convenient is bus to Victory Monument and van to Ang Thong.

However, van stations around Victory Monument are spread over an area of about 200 x 200 meter. Sure, you can ask where vans to Ang Thong leave, but it's better to know in advance. You have to consider that it can take 10 minutes on bus or car for a distance of 100 m around Victory Monument.

A web search gave this website (which has other interesting articles, too):

which says vans to Ang Thong leave from the north-eastern side of Victory Monument (Fashion Mall). I found this information to be correct, on my return trip I found that you can go from Koh Phaya Thai as well.

The link quoted above might be not up to date, but by far the best resource I found on the net (searching in English and Thai) regarding van stations around Victory Monument.

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  1. 1.there still should be a normal big bus from Mochit, but it ends not at Ang Tong and thus will not be clearly labelled, passes to further away.
    2.learn Japanese-they have all these detials. A fairly recent issue of one of their free Mags (get them in the Big bookshop kinokuniya on floor 6 or 7 of The JPNese beside/attach to WTC) had them all, with overclear maps in both Thai and Japanese. Note, that just like for Ayuttaya there may be MORE as 1 stand for a more popular place.

  2. Was in the area, so I went to Kinokuniya in Siam Paragon (no free magazines) and in Central World / Isetan (several free magazines in Japanese, but no maps of Victory Monument). Please elaborate which magazine exactly has these maps and where to get it. There were several, I checked them all and asked staff. I don't speak Japanese, but if these maps are bilingual Thai/Japanese, they would be fine for me.


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