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Wat Muang in Ang Thong province (วัดม่วง จ. อ่างทอง)

Wat Muang in Ang Thong province (วัดม่วง จ. อ่างทอง)

About 8 km by air or 10 km by road (3195) west of Ang Thong town. A friend took me on motorbike, 14 min. Mocy taxi from town would cost 80 Baht. Van or Songtheo or local bus from town in direction Wisetchaichan (short: Wiset) or Suphanburi (วิเศษชัยชาญ วิเศษฯ สุพรรณบุรี) would cost 20 Baht, stop on main road (3195) and walk about 1 km. This is flat land and the Buddha statue is clearly visible from 10 km away unless there are trees or buildings in the way.

This wat has the largest Buddha statue of Thailand, the largest sitting Buddha of the world (my estimation), a Buddhist hell garden, and a wiharn covered in mirrors inside and outside (a similar one is in Uthai Thani province). You can find height between 92 and 95 meters on the internet.

View from main road (3195)

Touching the finger of the statue brings good luck.

There is a kind of window on the back of the statue. But when walking around (on the platform), I couldn't see an entrance, it might be on ground level.

Depiction of a famous battle between Thai and Burmese:


and many other statues about Chinese and Thai mythology.

Buddhist hell garden:

Wiharn. There is a museum in the basement of the wiharn, which is supposed to be open on weekends (information from internet), but was closed. I asked staff, it seems to be permanently closed.

Ubosot surrounded by lotus petals, these are not the largest lotus petals in the world (you find this wrong information on the internet), that would be Lotus Temple in India (my guess).

Further reading:

I spent about an hour at the temple complex. Could have spent two hours, but it was hot and sunny and Nok wanted to return.

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