Monday, 19 May 2014

Babylon Sauna Sunday 18.05.2014

Babylon Sauna Sunday 18.05.2014

Enter 19:30, entry 260 Baht on weekend. There are estimated 50 Whites, 50 Asian and counted 3 Black customers. The Blacks seem interested mostly into each other.

On my first tour through the sauna, I cross paths with one cute boy, and he seemed interested, but I want to get a full overview first. Nobody else who is my type. Our paths cross again, and we have a chat. He is from Myanmar and has been working in Thailand for 5 years. English basic, pronunciation difficult to understand. Complexion fine (dark brown), body shape fine (slim athletic), face so-so, some body hair. Not a clear “yes”. (Full sentence: “Yes, I want to have sex with you.”) I would have to see him in underwear or swimwear. He asks if I want to swim, and we finally sit down at the pool. I should have gone into the pool, in the hope he will follow, so I can see him without towel. But after some silence (not a clear “yes”, so I let him take the lead), he asks if I am hungry and then tells me that he is hungry and doesn’t have money for food. Right, he has money for sauna (260 Baht) but not for food. I can see where this is leading. Nonetheless, I ponder if I should invite him to the restaurant, but a minute later he says goodbye.

There are still pebbles missing on the floor and stairs in the Jacuzzi, for about a year now (from memory), so you have to watch your step. But I couldn’t feel any loose pebbles, like last time.

Around 9 pm, the pool is closed and lights switched off and people are leaving. I leave 21:20. Official closing time 10:30.

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  1. One Thai boy told me Babylon entrance fee is cheaper for him because he is under 30


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