Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Curfew Monday 26.05.2014

Curfew Monday 26.05.2014

So far, I have largely observed the curfew, but with reports and own observations that most life continues as usual, I now dare to go out further away than walking distance from my room. The worst that could happen is that I get shot, a risk I am willing to take to inform my readers.

Go to 39 underground sauna, 19:30 to 20:50, closes at 21 and all customers have to leave before, crowd as usual, 20:55 BTS from Saphan Kwai to Sala Daeng

BTS closes 21:00 (but continues their rides, I got off at Sala Daeng around 22:10)

Silom 21:30 street market in operation (on smaller scale than usual; but I wonder why it is operating on Monday, which is cleaning day), Soi 4 all venues open but few customers

Soi Twilight 21:45 Scorpion bar closing, Bangkok Massage closed, all other venues open; ask at Banana bar: closes at 2 am

Foodcourt in front of Montien hotel open, have dinner there, ask about closing time: midnight

Soi Twilight 22:00: Dick’s café closed, other venues open but few customers

22:10 Patpong Foodland closing, but still customers inside at restaurant, nightmarket in final stage of disassembly, but bars still open; Silom Soi 4 closed

22:20 Silom Soi 2 open, ask about closing time: up to you; taxis in front of Soi 2 want 100 Baht to Sathorn Soi 1 (then reduce to 80 and 70), but opposite (at Soi Convent) I get one that uses the meter immediately, buses are still running

22:30 Sathorn Soi 1, 7/11 opposite Malaysia open

The problem is not the curfew, but that you don’t know which venue is open and how long; or lack of entertainment (closed cinemas), supplies (closed 7/11 and markets) and transport (closed BTS and MRT).

Update Tuesday: a problem with WiFi that left me without internet for about 24 hours was much worse than the curfew.


  1. Christian I missed the last train from saphan on sunday, took a 3 hour 30 minute walk back to thonglor, all along the bts route, there were a few soldiers who ignored me, nana and asoke were full of people. seems only farang are that bothere about staying in.
    timmberty bty ... no idea how to sign on here giving my name .

  2. it's hard to remain anonymous and sign this - sometimes we are anonymous not because of what we want to post but because we are from a generation that is still afraid to "speak our name" Anyway, headed for Thailand in a week and torn between Bangkok and Pattaya. You seem to be in a perfect position to post a comparison of gay - go go bar oriented of course - tourism to the two areas.

  3. I haven't been to Pattaya during the curfew, but I guess in one week - curfew or not - everything will be back to normal.

  4. Thank for report. That's great.
    What about sauna Mania? They still open till 6AM?
    Back to Seed internet cafe: please update more such places if you have info. Thanks

    1. Hi Christian,
      Tomorrow, I reach Bangkok around mid night. I plan to go to sauna and stay there till dawn (maybe Mania, maybe Muffill in Lat Phrao) but not sure if they open till 6AM. Do you have any information? Thanks Christian

  5. I can only tell that 39 underground closes at 9 pm. Don't know about others. You should call them (phone numbers are on the internet). I know Dejavu (Ladprao 122) gets empty 10 to 11 pm, but Farose 2 (Ramkhamhaeng 21) gets busy after 11 pm and most active around midnight to 2 am.

  6. OMG. empty at 9pm??. Poor me.
    I tried to contact them via facebook and Line but no one replies. I am afraid that I have to waste one night in hotel by curfew. Anyway, thanks

  7. Christian, thank you for taking risk of being shot just to update us


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