Friday, 30 May 2014

Saranrom update: little activity

Saranrom update: little activity

Thursday 29.05.2014

Coming from Chatuchak, I took bus 8 to Saphan Phut. From there, you can have a look at Saphan Phut market (mainly clothes) at flower market along Maharat road. Walking time about 22:40 to 23:00.

On previous trips, I used to come from north, spending some time in Khao San and Klong Lot market, and now by chance found that you can go to Saphan Phut and flower market when you come from south, everything is at the right place and time.

There was only little activity at Saranrom, only about 10 boys from 23:00 to 23:50. Some boys I remember from before, one boy who remembers me from Pattaya two weeks ago (not the first boy who saw me in Pattaya and then approached me in Saranrom). Noticed some customers cruising in cars or on motorbikes.

23:45 a mocy driver stops and announces that it’s time to go home because there is a curfew at midnight. I ask a boy, that was police in civil clothes. The boys and I leave shortly after.

There was no presence of police or army and the protest site in front of Ministry of Interior has been cleared. City Walk karaoke was closing around 23:30 (official closing time now midnight due to curfew).

This lack of activity is probably due to current political situation. Will be back soon.

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  1. Seed - where was it before and where now? I don't remember it being on the web sites or maps. I cant find details in previous blogs.


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