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Wat Tha It in Ang Thong province (วัดท่าอิฐ จ. อ่างทอง)

Wat Tha It in Ang Thong province (วัดท่าอิฐ จ. อ่างทอง)

14.6372846,100.4128578 = 14°38'14.2"N 100°24'46.3"E

About 8 km by road (3064) north-west of Ang Thong town, about 200 m off main road. Visible from kilometers away. No public transport I know of.

Name: Tha It = brick port

View from main road (3064):

I don't know of any similar building. Wat Dhammamongkon (Bangkok Sukhumvit 101 or 101/1) is closest (a truncated 4-sided pyramid with a chedi on top, Wat Tha It is a truncated 8-sided pyramid with a chedi on top).

The building (พระธาตุเจดีย์ศรีโพธิ์ทอง) was open, I climbed up to the 11th floor. View of Ubosot from above:

Eleventh floor inside:


 View of Wat Muang from 11th floor of Wat Tha It:

For aerial pictures of Wat Tha It, see here: 

Further reading:

Wat Khun Inthapramun (วัดขุนอินทประมูน) is less than 2 km away and has the second longest reclining Buddha of Thailand (50 m; longest is in Wat Bang Phli Yai Klang 53 m; Wat Po is third longest with 46 m; there is a lot of wrong information about this on the internet). Was on my list of places to visit, but Noke told me it's too far away.

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