Sunday, 18 May 2014

Pattaya 15.-17.05.2014

Pattaya 15.-17.05.2014

A friend D (only most basic English, all conversation reported was in Thai, and even in Thai he is not talkative) from Sukhotai, now living in Bangkok, has never been to Pattaya and told me would like to go. So I arrange free accommodation for him at a place G where I stayed many times before and invite him to come with me. My plan was to go separate ways while in Pattaya, I would just provide free accommodation and help if needed.

Thursday 15.05.2014

We meet at Ekkamai bus station and take bus to Pattaya. On the bus, I remember that D didn’t show any signs of independent thinking or acting before, so I will have to babysit him in Pattaya. Baht-bus from opposite the bus station (across North Pattaya Road) to Walking Street, 10 Baht per person. (In the bus station they try to charge 30 to 50 Baht to go to Soi VC or Yensabai.) We check in at G. D has room 2, I have room 4. TV in room 2 has no signal (not connected) and D would like to stay in my room anyway (which is slightly nicer, if you can apply “nice” to the rooms in G).

Then we find room 2 locked, with D’s clothes in it, and the key doesn’t fit (different system). I assume that’s the key for the external door, with the room key locked in. I ask the owner of G, who is drunk (I rarely met him sober) and doesn’t have or can’t find or can’t be bothered to look for a second key for room 2. So we leave this problem for tomorrow. He tells me one of his staff M likes me but is shy.

After dinner, D tells me he wants to watch TV (!!!). So I let him into my room and leave him there. After chat with some Farang friends, I go to Nice Boys.

Nice Boys 22:20 – 23:15
Over 15 boys on stage, plus about five staff who are attractive. Water 150 Baht. Smoking (cigarettes) allowed. Several customers. Boys wear white shorts (which I don’t find attractive). Dicks on display. One customer finances a wanking contest (300 Baht for the boy who comes first). The first wanking show I witnessed, not my style. None of the boys my type, but worth coming again. Aircon and music ok.

Return to room and ask D if he wants to come with me to Walking Street. I lead him via the market to Boyztown, Beach Road, Walking Street. He doesn’t seem interested or impressed. Pass Kawaii Boys 00:05, more than 10 boys inside in individual underwear, if I hadn’t been with D I would have gone in. But D worked in Hotmale for a week, taking him to a gogo bar in Bangkok would be a waste of money (and I go to off boys, which might be difficult in his presence). Back to Sunee, sit and drink and chat with friends, then to bed.

Friday 16.05.2014

I wake up around 10 am and doze until 12. Then I play on my mobile phone until 2 pm and finally wake up D. There is a longstanding problem with water pressure in G, you cannot flush the toilet and shower at the same time. (For those who need it to be spelled out: while the reservoir is refilling, there is no water from tap/faucet or shower. I go to toilet, then I shower, then I flush. Even without any apparent reason, sometimes water pressure is so lo it doesn’t trigger the water heater.)

While D is in the room, I get drinking water from downstairs. I cross path with M (the boy from staff who indicated interest in me), and chat with him, we might get a deal if circumstances are favorable.

I take D for a daytime walk to Walking Street and Bali Hai Pier. I tell him I want to climb up on Pratamnak hill and show him a picture of the Buddha Statue in a magazine. He is indifferent.

D: I am tired.
ChristianPFC: Where do you want to go?
I don’t know.
What do you want to do now?
Up to you.
Do you want to go back to the room?
Do you remember the way?
Ok, I bring you back.

(I had similar conversations with him and with other boys.)

Walk D back to my room, set him up with aircon and TV and go out again. From outside, I can see that the windows of room 2 are not fully closed, and there is enough space to climb around from room 1 to room 2. I ask staff: room 1 is not occupied and not locked. So I climb out through the window, on the ledge over to room 2 and enter through the window and open the door from inside. But we still cannot find the key.

Walk back to Pratamnak hill. 17:10 pass the construction site (Tulip near Bali Hai pier), many construction workers sit along the road (there are even benches) and are waiting for bus, several of them cute. Even exchange a few smiles.

Extensive walk about twice around Pratamnak hill (17:10 – 18:30), no signs of cruising, but many people out doing sports.

On my way back, 18:45, I walk past the boy who took my virginity (four years ago, Howard’s Guesthouse room 24). I recognize him from behind from ten meters away, and while I walk past, he recognizes me as well and we exchange a knowing smile. Unfortunately, that event didn’t work out as planned: technically I wasn’t yet prepared to bottom, but he didn’t take no for an answer and fucked me in every possible position, so I was completely exhausted afterwards and wanted to postpone my fun for the following morning. But then he got a phone call from his roommate and had to rush back, and we never met again until this day. As far as I can judge, his boyfriend (who would take him to Switzerland shortly afterwards) wanted to talk with him on that memorable night.

Back to my room, I tell D that I will have pizza or pasta tonight. Not his taste, but nonetheless he follows me to the Italian restaurant. Menu is in English and there are no Thai dishes, so he just has a drink. On the way back we stop at a Thai place. But I am full and don’t want to wait (rather get rid of him so I can enjoy Sunee), so I leave him there alone, after giving him 100 Baht he asks for for a motorbike taxi because he can’t remember the way and doesn’t want to walk or ask or whatever. Switch my phone to airplane mode so I won’t be disturbed in a gogo bar by a call from him should any problems arise on the way from South Pattaya Road to Sunee.

Eros 20:48 – 21:30
More than 15 boys, 115 Baht fruit juce, aircon and music ok, several customers, many with boy. Boys wear white boxer (don’t find them attractive), some of them have underwear underneath. Good atmosphere, worth going again.

Back to G, where D is sitting (so he found his way back without my help, and there was no missed call on my phone, good boy!). I join other German customers for a chat, and D chats with the Thai staff. The manager of the bar tells me that M thinks I’m cute but is shy. So I invite M for a drink and a chat. He is cute, but a bordering on being too fat for my taste. I abstain from asking for weight and height to calculate his BMI (Body Mass Index = height in cm squared divided by mass in kg). D is going for a walk with another Thai staff. I invite M to my room and everything works out well (despite a few kg too much on his body). No hint for money.

Another stroll around Sunee, boys at Good Boys seem to come in late, but what I see around 1 am is promising.

D is back, I let him in my room and continue chat with German friends.

Saturday 17.05.2014

Get up around midday. Read message on Line (sent 2 am): M asks if I’m sleeping and tells me I forgot to pay him 1000 Baht. We parted around midnight, so the request for money is 2 hours late. I know where his room is in the building, so I could wake him up or just leave 1000 Baht. But instead, I wait until I am on the bus to Bangkok and write back that I’m on the bus. Let’s see if he still remembers and mentions this claim next time we meet.

Have lunch with D. Through leading questions, I fathom that he wants to go back to Bangkok. I want to go to the beach, so we take Baht-bus to Jomtien. On the bus (poor timing, surrounded by other passengers), I explain to him how to get back, give him 10 Baht for the Baht-bus and 200 Baht for travel. Then I ring the bell for him at the bus station. He asks for 200 more Baht because traveling is so expensive, which I give him. Ten minutes after we part, I get an SMS: Pattaya was so boring!

Jomtien Gay Beach 13:50-14:30
Low tide, water about 50 meters away from chairs. Occupancy of seats about 10%. Walk around the gay area twice, but not many cute boys sitting or roaming, so I don’t sit down. On my way back to the bus station, I cross paths with the exotic twink N from last time. He changed or lost phone number (several calls and one message before I went to Pattaya were unanswered), so I give him my name card and hope for him to call me.


Low season with limited number of guests in beer bars and on the beach. Two gogo bars I visited (Nice Boys, Eros) have satisfying number of boys.

My cheapest ever stay in Pattaya, total 3 days 2 nights about 3000 Baht estimated (not included 1000 Baht tip for M which I will give if me meet again and he asks for it).

I should have gone alone, barely managed to make this trip successful despite D’s presence. The trip was meant to be for his benefit. I thought I just provide free transport, accommodation, food, information, and he will find his way around. Wrong!


  1. I thought that BMI meant "Boy mass index" :)

    Like your diary / blog! will follow.

  2. Nette Story, danke. Die Begleitung was ja ein Knaller... ;-) Hoffe, du postest deine Berichte wieder mehr auf SGT, ich glaube hier hast du viel weniger Leser und wenig Feedback.

    1. Ja, so kann man sich irren. Ich werde mal ein paar links auf SGT posten, es kann sein dass noch nicht alle dort wissen, dass ich jetzt hier mehr schreibe.

  3. hi christian, english guy here, like your posts on SGN and just discovered ur blog which is fantastic - honest, informative and with helpful pics. i'm visiting bkk/thailand in late june/july for a month (assuming the army/curfew situation doesn't get worse) and wondered if we could meet for a drink? i'm tom traveller on SGN.

    hogm anay 2011@h ot mail.c


  4. you did 2 things wrong, which both pointed towards im sorry to say how naive you are with the thai boys. taking a guy for his own benefit to pty obviously a bored unappreciating money boy.
    M how embarressing for this poor boy you didnt pay him! i feel sorry for the poor boy that he had to ask you for the money you owed him in kind via an sms,
    Love reading your blog as always thank you!

  5. This boy is very difficult to "read", I often do not know what he would like to do. We spoke about going to Pattaya twice, but I didn't plan to be his Nanny.

    Our first encounter was in Babylon (no money), then I found out he works in Saranrom, so I tipped him to the going rate (500). Some times I had the impression he didn't want the money. This trip was entirely for his benefit, therefore I see no need to tip him, but should have made this clear at the beginning - we go separate ways in Pattaya and no money.

  6. That is one reason why I always travel alone.
    I really dislike to "babysit" another person - especially those whining types.
    Your travel companion does not appreciate you at all cost!


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