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Boyfriend candidates 4-6 in 2015

Boyfriend candidates 4-6 in 2015

WARNING! This post contains irony, sarcasm, self-deprecation and self-aggrandizement, it is unsuitable for people without sense of humor!

Year is almost over, don’t expect any more candidates, thus a review of 1-3 as well. To my surprise, 5 of 6 are from hornet. Elsewhere I claimed that online dating is cumbersome, but it yields boyfriend candidates!

The bar for boyfriend candidate is actually quite low: It just means that I didn’t find character flaws during our first encounter and that the boy is my type with up to one deviation (e.g. two of the boyfriend candidates where white skin whereas I prefer dark skin).

Boyfriend candidate 1 (Jan 2015, hornet, M from Uttaradit) stayed with me for a week, but then I got bored. Puking on my bathroom doormat and then turning it around instead of cleaning it is a bad sign, and one morning I woke up and found him wanking to gay porn on his mobile. He didn’t ask me to join, instead he turned my head to the other side as he didn’t want me to watch him! And always monetary problems. We stay in contact and meet occasionally.

Boyfriend candidate 2 (Jun 2015, Farose 2 sauna, Art from Khon Kaen). I was quite enamored with this boy, but due to various bullshit my sexual interest declined, and then Nov 2015 the spectacular thwarted theft of my camera, and confirmed theft of money. I was lucky this boy is dumb, he could have cost me a lot of money (no direct payments to him, but for sightseeing together) and time.

Boyfriend candidate 3 (Jun 2015, hornet in Pattaya). Is top only which would become boring, anyway I strongly suspect he has a European boyfriend already (I have no other explanation for his two trips to Europe this year). Stay in contact and will meet again some day.

Boyfriend candidate 4 (Aug 2015, hornet). Educated, good English, no money problems. White skin was the major problem, but this can be overcome by having sex in semi-darkness. After three positive encounters in quick succession, no further meetings Sep-Nov because always busy. Then 29.11. he finally replies that he has a boyfriend already (Farang, almost a year together, I learn upon asking) who will arrive in Bangkok soon. I have to give the boy highest credit for telling the truth instead of stringing me along as a back-up in case his boyfriend dies. Will stay in contact and hope to meet again some day, sex-for-fun without entertaining the idea of becoming boyfriends.

One could argue I could pursue him as boyfriend candidate and he might switch from his current boyfriend to me. But that's not my style, and that would constitute a character flaw, because then he would switch from me to someone else as well when I'm away.

Boyfriend candidate 5 (Sep 2015, hornet, Golf). Educated and good English. He recently broke up with his Farang boyfriend, and part of the drama was shared on Line (bad sign). The usual money problems. I made an experiment: I went to see him outside his place (20 km away from me, but I pass occasionally), we had a chat (couldn’t go to his room, stays with friends) and I gave him 300 Baht advance to cover taxi fares so next time he can come to see me at my place. Then we had the following chat:

10:08 Christian Good morning
10:09 Golf Gd morning
10:12 Christian See you tonight.
10:12 Christian 7 pm ok?
10:12 Golf U pay only 300 bath at all right?
10:12 Christian For what?
10:13 Golf I go to u
10:13 Golf And come back
10:13 Christian Yes
10:13 Golf 300 bath 2 ways?
10:14 Christian Yes, why?
10:14 Golf That means free for sex?
10:15 Christian Yes (message read, no reply)
10:18 Christian Do you want money for sex?
(message read, no reply)
12:07 Christian Do you want to meet or not today?
(message read, no reply)

(Communication resumed with change of subject the following week. He even offered to give the 300 back!) Busted!

(To his defense, he asked if did sleep around, and I replied confirmative.)

Boyfriend candidate 6 (Dec 2015, hornet, Nicky from Ubon). Wednesday 02.12.2015 Chat on hornet: Nicky is in Bangkok for some days. Knows Malaysia hotel (and Soi 4 and Soi Twilight and Babylon sauna and hornet, grindr, gayromeo) and uses it as geographical reference. Good English and educated. No money problems. We meet at 7/11 and then go to my room. I take shower and stay in towel. He showers, but reappears fully dressed. Small talk, I sit on bed, he sits on chair. Finally I ask if I can hug him, and from that we go to bed. Both naked and hard, but I leave it hugging and cuddling. His profile says bottom, but I don’t get fully hard for fucking. He falls asleep, so we spend about 12-14 in bed. Afterwards lunch, then sightseeing (Wat Trimit and Chinatown). Reasonable use of phone for messaging (about twice per hour; but very slow in replying when I write, see below), no calling.

On way back, I think “come with me and stay with”, whereas with most other boys my thoughts would have been “I want to be alone now”. And indeed he comes to my room. Hugging, then I take shower and he joins me in the bed. Then he wants to take shower before taking it further, goes to bathroom but there is no sound of water.

He comes from bathroom and dresses and takes his mobile and charger, obviously to leave. Hug him and tell him “I like you” (I very rarely say that to a boy!). He replies “You like everyone”. Ask him to message or call me when he is free and wait the rest of the night, in vain.

What happened in my bathroom? He put the doormat from door in front of toilet twice (nobody else has done that before), there were splashes of urine on my toilet seat (had that before), water flow control (fine regulation, there is another one only on/off) was closed.


Thursday 03.12.2015
Visa extension at Immigration Chaeng Wattana. Nicky is very slow in replying to Line, doesn’t pick up two calls. Nonetheless I go straight back in order not to miss potential call or visit (otherwise I would have combined the trip with sightseeing). Stay in all evening/night, facilitated by rain. No message. Absolutely have to get his facebook when/if we meet again (so I can see what he posts and as a safer means to stay in contact, phone number and Line are easily lost).

Friday 04.12.2015
Stay in all day waiting for a message. Finally he writes and we make appointment for 8:30 and Nicky is on time. Talk for an hour, but don't go further than hugging. First time I ask a boy if he has a boyfriend out of serious interest: Nicky is single! (But has many Farang friends.)

He does not remember his gayromeo account name, stays logged in on his phone. Lost his previous gayromeo account when he lost his phone. I wondered many times why boys don't know their profile names (gayromeo, Line, facebook), now I know! Actually that's how I lost grindr: accidentally logged off and couldn't remember or reset password.

He has to go visit friend in hospital, I walk him to MRT Lumpini and there we say good bye. He will go to Ubon next day in the morning, but will not available to meet when I pass through Ubon around Dec 20 and 26. That means next chance to meet is mid-January!

My dear readers, should I stay celibate until we meet again in mid-January or continue fucking as usual?

That were some hours of bliss on Wed, followed by a day of hope Thu, followed by a day of despair Fri, followed by second meeting Fri which didn't bring us much further.

The bar for boyfriend candidate gets higher with every disappointment, and this might be the last chance in my life. Otherwise I might end up being left on the shelf, and become a lonely bitter old cunt, like my detractors!

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  1. Why is the font so small? I can't enlarge it.

    1. Ongoing problem with text formatting, only affects some posts, I don't know why. Try "Ctrl" + "+" to increase size.

  2. I think you should give up on finding a boyfriend.


  3. very humorous, well done Christian !

  4. Hunt down Noom I hear he is looking for a new boyfriend.

  5. You mean that you have not already been left on the shelf and are already a lonely bitter old cunt?

  6. I've been married to a wonderful Thai man for 22 years. If you feel potentially ready to settle down, sure, go for it. Not such a great sign that he can't see you any time in 6 days you'll be in Ubon, but perhaps there's a Thai logic reason you'll never understand. Anyway, in my experience, it's worth it but a lot of work. You might get your heart broken, several times, as you do have a bit of karma to work off, being such a cunt and all. Staying celibate is irrelevant, except that maybe you can honestly say in January that you did it, and Nicki will be impressed. Good luck. โชกดีนะ

  7. Stay celibate to improve your sex drive when eventually you will meet him, no doubt you are developing serious interest in the boy, how serious only you know.

    Your assessments of you detractors is spot on


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