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Thai Waterworks Discovery Museum

Thai Waterworks Discovery Museum

on the grounds of Metropolitan Waterworks Authority Samsen
โรงงานผลิตน้ำสามเสน - การประปานครหลวง

Main entrance on Rama VI road ถนน พระราม 6
13.7734854,100.5302665 = 13°46'24.6"N 100°31'49.0"E
850 m walk from Sam Saen railway station; bus stop โรงกลั่นประปา with bus 44, 67, 536 is right in front of it.

18.11.2015 Train from Hua Lampong to Sam Saen, then walk. Arrive at the museum 12:00 and inquire at security. Security guard phones someone who speaks English and will show me around (I was the only visitor). Leave ID at security and get visitor badge.

Near entrance, visible from main road: old electric connection tower (empty apart from insulators and a shrine), Phra Mae Thorani พระแม่ธรณี shrine on white bridge over pond. Phra Mae Thorani is in the logo of Metropolitan Waterworks Authority.


old pumping station:

old sedimentation tanks:

old alum storage and mixing building:

Some very nice industrial architecture, I spotted this building when driving past on train, now I know where it belongs to:

different colors correspond to different functions of the valves (insert):

I learn that water comes through a canal from Chao Phraya from Nonthaburi, water further south has too much salt from sea.

At the end, visit to laboratory and selfie drinking tap water that comes from this plant. Leave 13:30. Recommended if you are interested in science and architecture!

Part of my end-of-year-museum-marathon to make the most of my Muse Pass:

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  1. Hi i like reading your blog. It s fun and humourous. Hope to befriend with you. Do you have facebook so that we can chat and befriend? i'm your fan;)

  2. great, but too late for me to visit since I'm home already


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