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Welcome Pub Bangkok Patthanakan Soi 16

Welcome Pub Bangkok Patthanakan Soi 16
เวลคัม ผับ พัฒนาการ ซอย 16
Lesser known gay venues (3)  

Welcome Pub used to be in Sukhumvit Soi 71:

In Aug 2015, I learnt from a Thai friend that they moved to Pattanakarn Soi 16. In Sep 2015, I drove past (Sukhumvit 71) in a taxi, the entire block has been torn down. Now, I found a facebook profile with map that still points to the old location:

It's not in Soi 16, but on main road between Soi 14 and 16:
13.7380914,100.6073243 = 13°44'17.1"N 100°36'26.4"E 
Coming from Sathorn/Silom/Sukhuvit, it's just past the Ramintra-At Narong elevated tollway and Tawan Daeng Sad Saeng Duan, next to pedestrian overpass.  

Friday 27.11.2015
Arrive 00:43 (i.e. Saturday morning). Soda water 100 Baht (plus glass with ice). Estimated 50 to 100 customers, could house 200. Few chairs, I had to stand all the time. Music a bit too loud, aircon a bit too cold. 
Show starts 01:00. Ladyboy lipsync plus four boys dancing, then another ladyboy lipsync, then comedy. Coyote Boy soda show 01:18-32. 5 boys, none of them caught my eye. Then happy birthday for 3 different customers. Leave 02:05. Overall underwhelming.

Outside view from Patthanakarn (handrail of pedestrian overpass on left side):

Mirrored and decorated selfie corner (now in all Thai style gay discos, much more elaborate elsewhere):

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