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Gay activities Nov 2015

Gay activities Nov 2015

Details about dating Thai boys, 39 underground, Be High, Seed, Muffil, Farose II, Fake, Nature Boy, Super A, Scorpion.

Throughout November: The boy James from Sakon Nakon who failed to show up when I went to Nong Khai (broken phone or accident) keeps in contact with the usual stuff “How are you?”, “Have you eaten yet?”, “Good morning!”, “Are you sure you are having dinner with a friend from USA and not your boyfriend?”. He wants to come to see me in Bangkok, but has no money for bus. He does not want borrow money from relatives. He even asks me to come to Sakon Nakon (497 Baht and 10 hours by bus) to pick him up!

Our conversation goes in circles, every day the same: I’m free, I want to see you, I have no money. I ponder sending money online (his request), but the time window* (some days until the money arrives, then how long until he gets on the bus?, then some days in Bangkok) is getting too small, I have other travel plans later. Now I will have to deal with these no-information messages and hidden jealousy until Christmas, when I will go to Sakon Nakon again, and I don’t even know if it’s worth it!

But I retaliate by sending pictures from everywhere I go to show him what he missed!

*I have such time windows which last for hours or for days. E.g. when I have an appointment with a reliable friend, I don’t undertake any dating less than 4 hours prior because from contacting the boy to agreement to meet it will take 1 hour, then 1 hour travel for the boy, and 1 hour delay, then I would have to leave (1 hour before appointment) just when he arrives. In the case of James Sakon Nakon, I had an entire week (Mon-Fri) reserved for him, however it took us until Wednesday to figure out he can’t come to Bangkok on his own means, and on weekend I have enough other things to do and the following week other commitments.

Sunday, 01.11.2015
Meet a boy Boss Vipa16 in Chinatown. Our third encounter, time to talk business. Invite him for lunch and to my room. I did not mention what I have in mind, but he is clever and guesses right. Discussion of place (my room or nearby short time hotel) and price (he wants 1000, I offer 500) but not of activities. Finally we come to an agreement (my room, 500), but while I wait outside when he says goodbye to friends inside, he remembers some commitment at 3 pm, thus I leave alone.

Call another friend Wut Roi Et in Chinatown (100 m away from the first boy), meet for chat, but then he drives away on mocy. Call him if and when he will be back and if he wants to come to my room, he wants 1000, I offer 500, he hangs up. This boy, too, seems to know what I have in mind.

To put the 500 into context: this is not Silom, this is not Pattaya, this is Saranrom level. These boys or their friends would go there and stand for hours to go with strangers for 500 Baht. I have built up a connection over weeks or months, and occasionally spend some Baht for food or other stuff. The invitation for both to come with me for swimming, however, is self-interest to satisfy my underwear/swimwear fetish and at the end I hope I get their friends as well so we go swimming in a group and I first ogle and finally chose one to come with me. This is how I imagine choosing my sexual partners (my underline): 

Taman Sari, Jl. Taman, Kraton. Also known by the Dutch name waterkasteel (water castle), this is a partly ruined complex built as a pleasure garden by the first Sultan in 1765. One of the bathing pools was dedicated to the sultan's harem, and he had a tower overlooking the area so he could take his pick.

Gogo bars, saunas, discos are actually horrible places to chose a sexual partner (free or paid). 

Walk around Hua Lampong railway station. Spot a group of boys, one cute. Linger around, then chat them up. They live in Songkhla town and are on their way to visit relatives in Chiang Mai, train will leave 22:50. While we chat, some women friends/relatives join, they were taking a shower (shower facilities in Hua Lampong 10 Baht). The boys prepare for shower (bring your own soap and towel), so I quickly invite the cute boy to my room for free hot shower, aircon, internet. Not interested. Give him my name card and tell him to call me when free, I have travel plans to Songkhla. (no call) 

Getting boys out of a group is the most difficult (info from my expert Austrian friend), that’s why I look for lone boys, but here time and place was right.

Will have to check showers at Hua Lampong some time to see how they operate and if there is space for two.

Bus 29 to Saphan Khwai. 39 underground sauna. 160 Baht entry, 17:53-18:43. Very busy, but nobody for me. Recent renovations finished, in my eyes no improvement over previous conditions. Mon, Thu, Sat underwear. Every Fri 20-21 orgy night party. For Thai nationals age 18-20 free entry Mon-Thu and 80 Baht Fri-Sun.

Then meet Farang friend for bar hopping. Thank you very much for writing your blog, and it was a pleasure to meet you!

Be High 21:07-48. No other customers. Three fully dressed boys, two of which later dance in underwear on stage. The cutest, however, remains fully dressed. I ask him: he is waiter and can go off, but doesn’t dance in underwear on stage.

Charmming (sic!). Have a look inside around 10 pm, more than 5 boys (all fully dressed), but all too fat and too old as far as I can see. (But Farang friend reports there were cute boys on Fri/Sat, students with good English.) I have poked my head into Charmming a few times over the years, and never saw anything that would entice me to stay. Same for Meeting Karaoke Ramkhamhaeng Soi 84.

BTS to Silom. Walk around and spot a cute boy outside Playboy massage. Go for one hour oil massage. Good massage. When it comes to arm massage, I put my hand on his waist, whereupon he asks if I want more. He asks for 1000 tip, but agrees when I counter with 800. Another good massage spoiled by so-so afters.

Saturday 07.11.2015
Seed 22:19-23:25, underwear night, about 20 customers throughout, nothing for me.

Muffil 23:57-01:25. Entry 140. Opens 2 pm every day. Sauna brightly lit, large gap between door and frame. Jacuzzi dry. Steam room cold. 2nd and 3rd floor too dark, and flashing lights (that means your eyes can’t accommodate). Unnecessary steps on all floor. Music too loud. Some fans noisy. Barbed wire on walls that separate private rooms. Between 50 and 100 customers throughout. Few were worth a second look. For underwear night, only tight fitting (brief, trunk) are allowed, no loose boxers.

In the locker room, there are 15 boxes with 3000 condoms each, weighing 11 kg. And boxes with sachets of lube. But that's just a side note, I came for their J-Boy Night. From advertisement, I learn that Men Factory, Muffil and Macho have the same owner/management (I knew about MF and Muffil, but not for Macho):

Show starts about 00:30. Three boys in Japanese costumes, then nude. Then up to dark room where everyone can have a grope. Around 1 am announcement: time is over. Boys dress and leave. Lame.

Farose 2, stay 01:44-4:25. 170 Baht entry. Some structural changes on 2nd floor. One darkroom now enough light so you don’t poke each other’s eyes or run into others or stumble over furniture (arbitrarily scattered around, arrangement changes). Construction around the wooden pavilion outside? About 200 customers, among them 4 other Farang. One tells me one or two years ago someone died in the pool (faulty electrical wiring for fountain and lights?), that’s why nobody swims there any more. I have only once seen a boy swimming in the pool. 

Some customers fully dressed, even upstairs, one even had phone with him and it was ringing. Now I wear flip flops like most others, protects against dirt and don’t get cold feet. Smell of piss in some areas. Smoking (cigarettes) widely practiced. 5 lovely cats left on rooftop restaurant (free food, a bit too spicy). Music in disco deafening. About 2 am show. Ladyboy in costume singing, boys in costume dancing, similar to shows in gogo bars.

By chance, meet a Farang friend. We have been there for over 1 hour before meeting. That shows how big the place is and how busy it was!

I am close to leaving, when a customer at karaoke chats me. He is far too fat for my taste, but his friend is cute. After some chatting, he matches me up with his friend On 28/52/170. On lives nearby, alone, so we go to his place (walking distance) instead of taking taxi to my room. His room is very basic: no aircon, no fridge, shared bathroom on floor. Single bed, hard. Sleep poorly.

This is what you can get for 1500 Baht per month in Ramkhamhaeng Soi 29. By sqm, it costs about the same as my room, but lower standard and far out of town! Similar applies to rooms in Sathorn that are rented by the day to boys who can't pay a full month in advance. (The temple on the picture is Wat Khao Wong วัดเขาวง in Uthai Thani province.) 

Monday 09.11.2015
Wake up around 9:30. Switch off fan (I can’t have sex with wind blowing). The boy is experienced in bed and seems not to have had any contact with Farang or even long exposure to the Bangkok gay scene*. Give each other blowjobs (with cum in mouth, best solution to avoid any mess with cum in this environment), without making noise as other people are outside. I get a pubic hair in my mouth, took me a moment to realize what’s wrong and then locate it and get in a place where I can remove it. Have a look at his underwear collection: nice. He bought them in Siam Paragon for 130 Baht a piece. Probably fake, but more expensive than in Silom. Might meet him again, but then better in my room. I leave 10:40 and take bus to my room.

*None of the money grabbing attitude or deception I often encounter, among other character flaws. No drama.

In the evening, fate leads me to Big C Ladprao (I was on bus 27 which is supposed to run Minburi-Victory Monument, but ends here). A friend lives in walking distance, but contact on Line broke down. So I go to his workplace (last time was on mocy, vaguely remember sufficient details to find it with help of google maps). Ask around and find him. Re-establish communication (Line and facebook). Might go to temples in Chachoengsao province together some day.

At night Fake Club 23:58-02:00. Get stamp on arm upon entering (why?). Small Singha beer 150 Baht (only Singha and Heineken available). Live music in progress when I enter, ends 00:32. Horrible. Afterwards Music gets better, but too loud throughout. A bit too cold. Estimated 300-500 customers throughout, can easily walk around, just right for me. No other Farang, one black (could be the boy Tony who works or worked in Hotmale). Some tables at perimeter are empty. Didn’t get a chair, but sit on empty couch.

Coyote boys 00:48-00:59. 9 boys, first at the perimeter, then central stage. Soda show. Afterwards, they are shirtless in the audience and drink with customers.

Cruise through audience and toilets. Spot a boy whom I vaguely remember. He remembers me too. It’s Mickey, we met in G-Star (now closed) twice last year. Re-establish communication on Line. (Update: same problem as before: after one exchange, further messages not read. Days later meet by chance in Soi Twilight and spot him once more there.) 

A group of ladyboys chats me up. I join their table, one of them speaks German and starts to talk to me. Highly annoying (shouting in my ear), when I understand I reply, when not ignore. Pretend to be drunk (easy after one beer and with bottle in hand), but she doesn’t stop, I have to leave.

1:59 soft closing: music down, lights on. Suddenly, everyone starts to smoke (before restricted to toilet anteroom) – a general observation in Thai gay discos. Empties slowly, I leave 02:15 and linger around outside.

A cute boy JJ (19 years old, looks like Dew in Wild West Boys who has become too boring, lazy and mercenary) chats me up and wants me to join his group to go to RCA (Royal City Avenue). He will perform in Likae (traditional Thai dance) in Rangsit tomorrow 18-24 and invites me. I give him my namecard and tell him to call me tomorrow (Update: calls). One of his friend imposed himself in moderating our conversation (not necessary, JJ spoke good English) and if I saw right even took my name card from him. I had this before, someone interfering with my chat with cute boy.

02:25 dinner. Little choice, you have to queue first and then stand for eating or sit on ground. Linger around in hope of other contacts, finally leave 3:00, still about 10 boys around.

Tuesday 10.11.2015
Saranrom 23:25-00:40. 24 boys, one I had before and 3 more I would take. Meet one boy who speaks good German, details separate.

I discussed the decline of Saranrom both in quality and quantity since 2013 with a friend. There were protests in 2013 which blocked part of the area (camp in front of Ministry of Interior). There are events in the area which means road blocks and people at night. The bicycle lanes mean you can’t stop your car at the curbstone any more. Police comes regularly and fines the boys 100 Baht.

Wednesday 11.11.2015
At night, meet a contact Boss from hornet at his workplace (McDonalds in shopping mall). Closing time is 23, but it took until 24 until they were done. Boss looks ok and attitude ok, unfortunately smoker. His two friends from work are cuter. He invites me to join them for eating and drinking, but after discussion they can’t find a suitable place, so he tells me he is not free today, but wants to meet again another day. Have to postpone to next week, I’m busy this week and next week there will be free only on Tuesday. Say goodbye.

30 minutes getting there, 30 minutes waiting for him to finish work, 10 minutes conversation (mixed English and Thai). But at least I know where exactly he works, no day off, free midnight. Let’s see if we get together again. (Update: haven’t met again, contact on Line broke down, will have to go to his workplace one day.) 

Pondering where to go next, now that I’m on the road it would be a waste of time and effort to go home. While I walk towards Klong Toey slum, and old acquaintance Top Suk62 calls and wants to meet. I tell him it will take me 15 minutes (walking) and he will wait. It took me 25 minutes, call him: no reply. Internet one hour (wait if he calls), then go to bed.

Thursday 12.11.2015
Message 5 boys on Line, one not free, others reply delayed (hours to days). But while I’m still pondering where to go (massage with happy ending), Golf messages me. Meet for gay movie (Love next door 2, so-so) in Tesco Lotus Bangkapi Major Cineplex.

Afterwards Seed 22:50-01:05. From 6 to 8 other customers. Spend most of my time on the computer. There are two boys in the darkroom involved in sexual activities, but they don't want to be touched. One tells me they are boyfriends. I wondered about that before, now I have confirmation that boys go to sauna with a partner to have sex there (they probably have nowhere else to go, I wouldn't take anyone to sauna for sex).

Friday 13. – Saturday 14.11.2015 Nakon Nayok separate post.

Sunday 15.11.2015 Almost get robbed at Hua Lampong separate post.

Monday 16.11.2015 Catch a thief in my room separate post.

Reminiscing about these two events, my escape without serious bodily harm or property loss cannot only be explained by intellectual superiority and observational power, there was a substantial amount of luck involved as well.

At night, pass a construction site with Cambodian construction workers near my place. Had a chat and a look before and there was only one cute boy but he didn’t seem interested. Now I spot another cute boy, so I sit down for chat with the elders. Working time is 8-12, then lunch breack 12-13, then work 13-17, dinner break 17-18, over time 18-20, no day off. The boys share a dumbphone (whoever wants to make a phone call puts his SIM into the phone). Later one boy plays on the phone (small screen, one color, pixels so big I can see them from across) and the other two watch him.

When the cute boy is alone, I get up and sit down next to him, he moves away from me as far as possible. Furthermore, his Thai is poor. Should I offer 500 Baht to one of the elders to send to boy to my room?

Tuesday 17.11.2015
Meet friend for drink in Soi Twilight, then bars in Soi 6. Haven’t been in Silom for weeks (?), spotted several boys I know, among them Pong who doesn’t reply on Line because he lost his phone. 

Nature Boy 21:25-44. 5 Boys and 1 customer throughout. Boys in orange fluorescent Calvin Klein trunks, bare feet. Two I would take for free, both have been working there for a while. Drink 150 Baht.

Super A 21:45-22:06. 10 Boys and 1 customer when we arrive, 0 when we leave. Individual underwear and flip flops. Water or beer 100 Baht.

Wednesday 18.11.2015
Dinner in Maxi’s with a Farang friend W 19:45-21:15. Then stroll around the area up to Wat Hua Lampong. W likes one of the boys at Scorpion bar, and despite me telling him how it works (information from a friend: 500 off fee, 1500 short time, and the boy will not go to your room but only to a nearby short time hotel which costs another 500) and W having lived in Thailand for years, he wants to have a drink (hot tea 100 Baht for me, small Singha beer 120 for him, and he was worried about the taste, they might have poured a cheaper beer into a Singha bottle). After sitting down and order, the boys ignore us and play on their phone or chat with each other (no other customers around). Did the really think he gives the boy his phone number, the boy calls and travels to Bang Na to meet him and fuck him for 1000 Baht? The menu in Scorpion bar had "bar 1060" written on top.

"Zip Club" (basement of Wallstreet building, gay late night disco, Farang friend went and found it so-so) is now Club 88. Was "Bangkok Bounce" before, and "(affiliated with hotmale, don't remember name)" before that. 4 changes of name in one year!

Thursday 19.-Sunday 22.11.2015 Trang province.
Two interesting contacts on hornet, but both live about 20 km away from Kantang or Trang where I was staying. Did not consider that there is pre-Loy Krathong fair in Kantang, it was busy on Friday night, plenty of cute boys and chatted with many boys, but did not get to the point of taking one home. In Trang meet Sangkhlaburi boy again. He moved there with his parents who now work in Trang. His father took him to Robinson on mocy and we watched movie. Afterwards father came to pick him up and take me to hotel, then goodbye. Not much achieved, I think I will move on. By chance meet two cute gay boys in Trang. One of them joins me to Le Khao Kop cave the following day. Will meet again next time I’m in Trang.

Monday 23.11.2015
An old acquaintance Ohm Lopburi messages me (looking for job, no money). I pass his place on return from traveling, pick him up to stay overnight. Ohm is top only, so he wants to fuck me, but can’t find my asshole! I had this before with him and other boys, so I asked a Farang friend to take a look: nothing special about my asshole. I never had problem finding the asshole when fucking boys, with or without light!

Wednesday 25.11.2015
Massage at Arena, see comment.

Thursday 26.11.2015
Top Suk62 calls 13:30 and will come 14:00 (I might have misunderstood). Call him 14:30, he is still home and will leave soon. I tell him I have to leave 15:30 to meet a friend.

A boy V from Vietnam on holiday in Thailand contacted me on hornet in the morning, I wrote him I can go to see him at 16:00, he looks bordercase my type on pictures. Go to see him at his hotel in Sukhumvit Soi 22, arrive 16:30. I have another appointment later, and I assume I know my way around Bangkok better than he does, that’s why I go to see him (with Thai boys, I rather let them come to my room).

After some small talk at hotel reception area (good English), my impression is still bordercase, I won’t instigate any sexual activities.
V: Where do you want to go?
CPFC: I don’t know.
V: Let’s go to my room?
In his room more small talk, then he takes a mint and offers me one (preparation for upcoming kissing?), first sitting at the corner of the bed, then he lies down and takes my hand, asks if he can kiss me and it takes expected course. I think I will see him again on my upcoming (Jan2016) trip to Vietnam!

This is the second time this year where I think upon meeting a boy in real life “I’m sorry you are not so much my type. We are not going to have sex.”, but then it turns out to be quite positive.

Dinner with Farang friend M in Patpong. Then stroll around, M just had massage with a boy who is my type, get first hand report. Pass Screw Boys 19:55, some boys inside and changing into Screw Boys’ checkered trunks in the open, can watch from the door, very arousing! Official opening time is 20:00, but doorman invited us to have a drink (but just having had sex, it would be a waste of money). The cute boy notices my interest and smiles at us.

Will be back some day, shortly before opening to satisfy my locker room fetish (good light, boys in street clothes undressing). I remember something similar happened in Eros in Dec 2013, by chance I was in early and watched the boys undressing, better than everything else I have seen in Eros!

Strolling around the area with M, we spot a cute boy in Wat Hua Lampong, performing religious activities with his mother? Observe the boy, exchange a smile. Later he disappears in direction of the toilets, I follow and wash hands, can’t make eye contact via mirror, but then on leaving our views cross and smile again. Finally where the bulls and cows are fed, I manage to get next to him while he feeds the bovines. He asks (good English) me if I want to help him feed them. Exchange a few sentences and give him my name card. (Update: messages me next day, write on Line.) 

Still in Surawong, Top Suk62 calls 20:35 (that’s 6 h 35 min after our original appointment), he is in front of my place now. I tell him I will be back in one hour, he will wait. 21:44 message him, then call him: no reply. Now that’s at least 4 failed meetings in a row (3 if you don’t count 6 h 35 min late but as a new appointment), and this boy does not have attention-deficit-hyperactivity-syndrome, I don’t know how to address this and how to proceed. (Update: he called from a friend’s phone, then I chatted on Line with the friend who has the same problem with Top and doesn’t understand it either!) 

Tee Lao messages me, he will be free tomorrow and wants to meet.

Friday 27.11.2015
See three missed calls from Top Suk62 at 00:17, shortly after I went to bed and switched my phone to airplane mode (for precisely that reason: I had calls and messages at ungodly hours before; and no I won’t pick any boy up somewhere or wait in my room or even accept calls at such times.)

I had messaged Tee that I will get up at 10, assuming he would come in the morning. But after slow chat I learn he is not at his usual place (15 minutes walk from my room), but in Sathu Phradit Soi 57 (about 7 km). I am preparing to go to see him (he asked if I could come there), but then cancels and writes he will meet me at 6. But he doesn’t know the way to my room, I have to pick him up at his workplace (15 min walk each way for me). Finally, 19:20, walk back to my room and Tee stays until 22:50. Thus, I spent the entire Friday reading and cleaning my room waiting for the boy!

Tee plays on computer (we download youtube videos and copy them to his phone, I do most of the stuff as he has little experience with computer, spot something that looks like girly porn on his mobile) most of the time. Confusing signals: I put my hand on his knee, some fingers in his shorts, he blocks further access with his hand. When I hug him from behind, he gently wrestles himself out of my hug. But then lies on bed, I lie next to him, he holds my hand and we look into each other’s eyes.

I didn’t take it any further this time. Give him 300 Baht for travel expenses (more than enough). I have known this boy since May 2014 and walked past his workplace twice per month, with occasional stop for chat (the only way to get hold of him, communication on phone or Line slow). Hope there is more next time!

Visit Welcome Pub in new location Pattanakarn Soi 16, details there.

Saturday 28.11.2015
Cruising sauna for Coyote Boy show, details there as update:
Taxi to Seed, stay 00:11-01:32. When I arrive, both receptionists are asleep, I put 100 Baht on table and take towel and padlock. Since some weeks ago, there has been no chair, receptionist sits on floor and is in underwear. Furthermore, new receptionist every time I go. View from locker room to reception area:

Sunday 29.11.2015
Call Boss Vipa16 at 18:52, he wants to meet. I already lost hope when he calls back 20:16 to ask for directions. Some more calls 21:01-15, but then he arrives 21:20. Even paid taxi himself (I will refund, I don’t like when boys wait in taxi for me to pay). On my computer, watches straight porn to assist wanking. Next time I have to block camera, the screen was directed at us, whoever has access to my camera can see us! Overall nice encounter, and the boy is good company. We looked at his place on google maps and street view, best way of transport would be MRT (10 min walk from his place, 10 min walk to my place), but he has never been on MRT! Next time I have to educate him about MRT.

Taxi to Ramkhamhaeng Soi 89/2 to find Wave club closed! Taxi to Farose 2, stay 1:20-3:30. 3 cats left, plenty of frog in the garden (I can hear and see them). During my stay, walk past reception and spot both owner and receptionist asleep! Under 50 customers, but 5 my type as far as I can see. None of them shows interest in me. One disappears in the pavilion that houses sauna and steam room. I follow but can’t find him, he must be in sauna or steam room (both too dark to see from outside). Get some towels from 3rd floor for subsequent showering and enter steam room: nothing. He is in the sauna and interested. First time I had sex in a sauna room, skin still feels cold! Afterwards exchange contact information and leave.

Over 10 failed appointments with three boys (Boss Vipa16, Top Suk62, Wut Roi Et) combined.
6 sauna visits: 39 underground, Seed twice, Muffil, Farose II twice.
4 bar visits: Be High, Nature Boy, Super A, Scorpion.
2 massages: Playboy, Arena 
2 disco visits: Fake, Welcome Patthanakarn, visit to Wave thwarted by being closed.
2 boys from hornet: Boss McDo, V Vietnam.
2 boy lured into my room without activities (Wut Roi Et, Tee Lao).
1 visit to Saranrom.
1 encounter in real life (Trang, we stay in contact, next time more).

3 Free sex: in Farose II twice, V Vietnam.
2 Not clear: Art (he never asked for money, I gave him ample taxi money and he stole what he thought I owe him, in this last encounter 200 and before probably 2000), Ohm Lopburi 1000.
3 Pay for sex: Playboy 800, Arena 800, Boss 500.

A lot of time and money spent, but not much achieved. It’s like riding a bicycle in sand or running in knee-deep water! Take-home message for my readers: Pattaya offers a good choice, most convenient, reasonable prices and beats everything else for me when it comes to commercial sex. 

Copyright 2015 ChristianPFC


  1. It is all getting worse, not better!
    To be honest, if I should do so much for sex, I would be a monk.
    But I truly like to read all your adventures, so much better then those stories on sawatdee.
    Please continue.

  2. me too. I have an 18 yr relationship with a guy who used to be on TV and has had some successful businesses (and a few not so successful). He is more than generous. We met at a sauna. Yesterday I had a great session with a 20 yr old student at 39 sauna. I took him there and he was not that comfortable as other Thai guys kept groping him and asking if he was a money boy which got him mad (I did buy him lunch). They could not accept that he could want me (58) more than them.

  3. The reason for a stamp on your wrist or arm from a club is so you can leave and get back in again without having to pay again.

    1. I know this (stamp on arm) from DJ station, but here was no entry fee.

  4. You say that you partially got yourself out of two bad situations by "intellectual superiority and observational power". It seems that in reality that if in fact you had either of the above two attributes, that you would have not gotten yourself into those situations to begin with. It seems that if you compare yourself to an average Thai person that you found on the street, you would most likely be considered to be mentally retarded. You did not "catch a thief" in your room, you invited a thief back to your room. For almost getting robbed, what really occurred, is that you were bothering some people and they decided to try and teach you a lesson.

  5. Exactly as stated above. It is amazing lucky that you have not been either arrested, seriously injured, or killed by one of your "intruding encounters". As I read this blog, it is entertaining in a strange pathetic way--like what is commonly called "rubbernecking" in the US as cars drive past a horrible road accident--you know it is horrible to look at, but you just can't help yourself.

  6. Probably they really just wanted to rob him, its hardly particularly offensive to proposition boys in a well know gay cruising area. But it seems only a matter of time before, in the quest for cheap fuck, he finds himself with the sharp end of a knife at his throat, either in the park at night or in his room with a yaba-starved guy. And intellectual superiority might not help much there.

  7. In that instance perhaps a known gay cruising area, but in many of his adventures, it is approaching, or intruding, young males at railroad stations or construction sites, which does not necessarily mean because they might be young and poor, they want an older farang to attempt to pick them up for cheap sex--and with him, it is usually CHEAP sex. In a recent story when he finally sits next to the cute lad at the construction site, who then moves very far away from him, his first thought is not, "well, maybe he is not interested or I should leave well enough alone, or that he might be the son or nephew or younger brother of another construction worker who will take offense at my "intrusion" and beat the hell out of me or worse and bury my body in some new cement work at the work site", NO, his thought is he should offer one of the elders 500 baht to deliver the lad to him. Not only is it the offensive action of thinking that the elders are interested in "pimping out" this lad, but one of them might actually be the lad's father, older brother, uncle, etc.
    Just seems clueless and headed for destruction.

    1. Negative influence from reading latintop's post, especially this one

      However one thing is sure: the boys will not approach me and ask if they can come to my room for wanking (I spent three years waiting for that), I have to take action! As you can see, I proceed very slowly and carefully.

      While latintop's posts might be a figment of his imagination, I have two friends for who the direct approach works.

  8. some losse thoughts now: in Khmerland/Camb-do not expect that people from here are the same as Thai as for meetings etc.
    2.MACHO sauna has moved to is now MACHO-X, easier location, soi beside PATA dept store in Pinklao, just over Pinklao bridge near Khao Sarn, bus 507/511/516/509 +many normal stop in front. In old location mainly got bad reviews.
    3.In such RKH sois as 23/29 you can get much better rooms for 1500/2000 bt/month as shown-and there are lots of buildings catering for the millions of students. Good+cheap food anywhere too.

    1. I recently went to Macho in new location (didn't know it has moved, was lucky that their website had new location) next to McDonalds next to Pata Pinklao.

  9. Forgot massage in Arena:
    Wednesday 25.11.2015
    I feel like meeting my favorite massage boy in Silom. Walk there, past other massage places (may boys at Playboy 15:00), but James is back in his home province. Walk to Soi Twilight, few boys ouside (15:25). There might be more inside the massage place, but I don’t like walking in, finding nobody to my taste and make an excuse.

    Asking “Do you have cute boys?” – “Yes.” – “Where are they?” would be rude by my standards.

    Having come all the way and walked around without spotting cute boy outside any massage place, I decide to go to Arena. You have to enter the shop to choose a masseur, but I know a boy who works there (Ne from Buriram), so I could ask for him and leave if he is not in. But he is in a we recognize each other. There are two more whom I could have chosen, but I take Ne again. Before I had massage in Lomchoey with him twice, he moved to Arena because there he can get more customers. In Lomchoey massage was on mattress on floor, in Arena on massage table. Nude and hard from the beginning, with interesting techniques (pressing his penis between the sole of my foot and his upper thigh when massaging my leg; his penis on cushion almost poking out my eye when standing at the head end of massage table). Good massage and afters, but my mind was on James, hence sex only so-so.

    Arena 1 hour oil massage 590 Baht, minimum tip 700, I gave 800. Rooms are basic, but nice view of Chong Nonsi BTS, old cemetery, Mahanakon from balcony of some rooms and staircase.


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