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Lesser known fruit (2)

Lesser known fruit (2)

(part 1 here

Sweet Tamarind, Pithecellobium_dulce, Makham thet มะขามเทศ. The เทศ tâyt in several names of fruit means [to be] foreign ; non-Thai. The pod is white at first, then turns pink. Can be stored for some days in fridge. 1/2 kg for 60 Baht. Better to buy as shown in picture than peeled, the peeled don't keep as long. Pleasant sweet taste.

Peeled sugar cane (bags in front, light yellow) อ้อยหวาน. Bite on the pieces to make the juice come out, then spit out the fibres. Pleasant sweet, one bag 20 Baht (about 1 kg?).

Lotus บัว. Fresh cuts ooze out sticky liquid, do not touch! Usually sold bundles of 5-10 for 20 Baht. Keeps some day, then turns brown and dries out. Lower part from left to right: peel off the green outer part (not edible). The white inner part can be eaten directly when small, but bigger ones have a green leave inside which is bitter (either remove or swallow without biting on it). Pleasant nutty taste.

More pictures:บัวหลวง/

Indian gooseberry Phyllanthus emblica, in Thai ma kham pom มะขามป้อม. The juice (on the right, with sugar and honey) was ok. The pure fruit (on the left, I bought a bag of 10 fruit at Klong Toey market for 20 Baht) are horrible (hard, bitter). I ate 2, then threw away the remaining.

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