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Old and new railway station in Nong Khai

Old and new railway station in Nong Khai

During my recent travel in Nong Khai, I saw a map with old railway station and track leading there. Pictures in this post are walking from end of line at old railway station to new railway station. Length is 2.8 km of railway track, however it is impossible to walk on the track (overgrown) and with swamps on both sides, I had to take detours and in some cases couldn't even see the track due to vegetation.

Old railway station, sign says "ตลาดหนองคาย Nongkai" 
17.8787677,102.7254254 = 17°52'43.6"N 102°43'31.5"E
Between Nong Thin Public Park สวนสาธารนะหนองถิ่น and Mekhong river แม่น้ำโขง.

New railway station, sign says "หนองคาย Nongkhai" 
17.8645508,102.7310215 = 17°51'52.4"N 102°43'51.7"E

The old station is a bit more central than the new, but neither is of them is really convenient to get into town or to bus station (4.3 km by foot from new railway station). In addition, there seems to be no public transport system (bus, songtheo) in Nong Khai, only mocy taxi or tuk-tuk.

End of railway line at old railway station:

Station is gutted, but structure still intact:

Part of the railway station is used as parking for houses opposite, and the lawn is mowed:

But once out of the railway station area, the line is overgrown:

Then the line runs on a dam between two swamps, here between Wat Lao Mi Chai วัดเหล่ามีชัย and Nong Thin park (park fence can be seen in the background):

Signs and track still in place:

View from new railaway track (going across Mekhong to Lao) to old railway track (red circle): 

Due to vegetation, I couldn't find the spot where old and new track meet, but the track bed of new track is higher than old track, thus I guess they just cut the old track off when line was extended to Lao between 2007 and 2009.
View southwards to new railway station:

New railway station:

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