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Le Khao Gop cave in Trang province

Le Khao Gop cave in Trang province
ถ้ำเลเขากอบ จ.ตรัง อ.เภอห้วยยอด

7.7937528,99.5722544 = 7°47'37.5"N 99°34'20.1"E
9.0 km by road east of Huay Yot railway station. Buses from Trang to Phuket or Krabi pass, but will not stop. Van 8579 to Ao Dong อ่าวดง would pass, but van to Huay Yot was earlier so I took van from Trang to Huay Yot (30 THB, 9:58-10:35), then mocy to cave (80 THB, 10:58-11:15). Cave is 950 m south of Phetkasem road = hwy 4 at km 1073 (that's the same Phetkasem that starts at Wongwian Yai in Bangkok, then passes Hua Hin and goes to the Malaysian border). View of entrance from hwy:

Nice lamp posts along the way:

These boats cost 300 Baht per tour (11:46-12:24) and can carry up to 5 passengers plus 2 oarsmen. They follow the river that flows through the cave. I invited a Thai friend I met the day before and he brought two friends, so we were 4 passengers.

Inside the cave, most of the boat ride you lie on your back because ceiling is low. Then a stop where you go on land (here still low ceiling, have to bend down most of the walk).

Stalactite that looks like an elephant, passing underneath brings luck:

This stalagmite looks like a penis, and there is a หินตาหินยาย somewhere (grandfather grandmother stone, probably penis and vagina shaped like those in Koh Samui), I learnt after visiting:

Back into the boat for what's called a ride along the backbone of a dragon. This is not for the claustrophobic.

Boat is hitting walls on both sides, oarsmen move boast by pushing from ceiling. My legs on the right, my friend's head in the middle. Water dripping from ceiling.

Glad to see daylight and get back on solid ground!

Judging by map, you can walk around the mountain that contains the cave. Quality articles about the cave:ถ้ำเลเขากอบ

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  1. Thank you again for an very interesting place--unknown to most tourist.


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