Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Seacon War of Steel Battle of Thailand

Seacon War of Steel Battle of Thailand 10-20 Dec 2015

I learnt of this event from newspaper and just managed to squeeze a visit into my schedule. ChristianPFC disapproves of sport with engines or animals, but a robot fight is ok by my standards. The first in Thailand, 300,000 Baht prize.


Today's fights (updated after each fight):

Free entry, and there were just enough seats for everyone. On the sides of the arena, you can see 4 red hammers that move up and down, 4 circular saws (black slits, aluminium box outside), and one pit (about 5 cm deep, white rim).

Starts on time (15:00), but there is a lot of talk for introduction (15 minutes) and between moderator and teams before each fight (actually, most of the time was talking, not fighting):

Then teams place their robot (max. 30 kg) on start patch:

and fight begins (3 minutes or until one cannot move for 10 seconds. If no winner, 3 minutes for repair, then next round). Robots are remote controlled by their team. This one got unlucky and got immobilized by red hammer:

Most work by either lifting their opponent so it can't move any more or have a rapidly rotating metal bar (in red, not rotating in the picture below) as weapon (sparks and debris flies around when hit). This had his wheel damaged:

The last fight (already 16:45 and not 17:30 as scheduled).

It ended spectacular: the red got damaged and had a short circuit (?) that evolved copious amounts of white fog that filled the entire arena:

A welcome change from my usual boring routine (a temple here, a museum there, a boy yet somewhere else), but not really worth the travel (bus from Sathorn to On Nut, songtheo to Seacon Square, total from my room to stage about 100 minutes)

Barely escaped thefts and robberies are now becoming so frequent, only worth a footnote:

On the songtheo, I almost had 500 Baht stolen. I have the habit of taking the fare out of my wallet while still on the songtheo to make payment faster (not necessary here because Seacon Square is the last stop and many get off there), this time too early (about 10 minutes). I was sitting, and while my wallet was open to take 20 Baht note out, I thought that every one who has an interest and is standing (songtheo was full) can take a look and see my wallet is full of bank notes (compare the attempted robbery at Hua Lampong where I notice the elder tried to look into my wallet when I made 200 Baht advance payment). Shortly after putting my wallet back in my pocket (right upper thigh), a man squeezes in to my right. When I walk, I feel my wallet with every step, and when I sit, I put my hand on my thigh, with little finger touching wallet through fabric. I notice more movement on my right side than can be explained by driving and road conditions. I see his bag is over the gap between our legs and his right hand is under the bag, in my pocket! I put my hand fully on my wallet and he withdraws his hand and takes out his mobile (from his left pocket). Later in Seacon Square, I check: 500 Baht note pokes out by 2 cm. There were no 1000 notes in my wallet, but how did he get the 500 and not smaller ones? Just by chance?

I really should get a second wallet for small spendings throughout the day, whereas ATM and other cards and larger amounts of money are in another wallet.

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  1. do what I do - don't use wallet at all to carry money , just small, tiny one just for 1-2 cards.

    I keep cash in pockets but distributed among them so even is stolen it will not be all I have on me.

  2. Bus 519 runs-or should run-from Central RamIII via Klong Teoy-Ram IV-Sukhumvit-Onnut, then turns north into Sri Nakarin toward Lamsalee-Minburi. But then you still have to make your way south along Sri Nakarin. However, this bus may be the victim-like many others, of big need for both new buses and staff to ride/service them.

  3. Why carry cards at all ? I'd never use one other than to get money out of the bank. To many chances to get scammed by shops etc.
    Get shorts or trousers with a pocket on the inside. Just keep what you are going to spend in the outer pocket.
    Don't give a thief a chance.


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