Monday, 2 December 2013

Déjà vu Sauna Ladprao 122 (1st visit)

Déjà vu Sauna Ladprao 122 on Wednesday 27.11.2013

I was in the area, so I popped in and stayed from 21:45 to 22:15.

Entry 139 Baht, padlock plus key, one condom (lube is distributed elsewhere in the sauna). No towel in locker, but towels are available on 3rd floor.

Ladprao Soi 122 (=Ramkhamhaeng Soi 65) about 50 m from Ladprao.

1st floor (ground floor): reception, locker room (156 locker), fitness room, bar/disco,
2nd floor karaoke room (area on 2nd floor much smaller than on other floors),
3rd floor sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi,
4th floor labyrinth,
5th floor rooms

There were between 10 and 20 customers when I was there, all Asian, age 20 to 40, average built.

Theme days:
Monday and Friday underwear, all other days naked.

Cleanliness and maintenance ok (but there was a strange smell in the karaoke room, a mix of piss and mouthwash).

Broad stairways, some of them without handrail or lose handrail. Some low ceilings in the stairways, with a warning (mind your head, with a common typo in the Thai/Pali word for head).

Some money has been spent on sanitary ware (bathroom, shower) and some thought has gone into the interior design of bathrooms and shower. It is still in good condition.

I enquired when there will be more customers: on Thursday around 9 pm.

They have a plasma globe at reception. Cool!

There was a hint that boys might be available at Chatuchak Park: (insert link).

On my way back, I took a stroll along Jatuchak Park (about 23:00 to 23:15), starting at MRT station. There were ladies, I asked three of them if there are boys in the area. Two said there are no boys (one advised me to go Sanam Luang or Silom), one pointed northwards. Driving past in a bus at night many times, I only remember seeing ladies, so I can conclude that there are no boys at Jatuchak Park.

Update: another visit was much better, see separate entry for 19.12.2013


  1. did you ever go back to chatuchak park & sanam luang park to look for boys present?

  2. No boys at Chatuchak park. Plenty of boys at Saranrom. Search for posts with label "Saranrom".

  3. only see this now. There may be boys/men in a park further north: along the big SCB-Bank, along Ratchda, near where it crosses the main road north. IF described at all more similar to cruising in the park-for free- in Europe. Very irregular, AYOR and with enough of Thai common sense only!


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