Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Notes in a Hotel in South Pattaya December 2013

Notes in a Hotel in South Pattaya December 2013

My friend B from Germany stays in a hotel in South Pattaya and I have a look at his room. A few notes in the hotel raised my interest.

"Please kindly put your carbages, condom in the cargabe in the carbage bin and do not throw on the floor"

Is this homophobic? Ladies can go without joiner fee, but for gays and ladyboys a joiner fee is charged? I had a similar experience in Bangkok, where short time room was only available for couples of different sex, I had to book a room for a whole night for short time use with a friend.

B has been a customer at that place for over five years, one or two weeks twice per year, but  now he will look for another place without joiner fee. B told me about a detailed list of charges for various things if broken or damaged, including furniture. But that list has been removed years ago.

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  1. Your friend is right by moving his custom elsewhere as even if first two notices are reasonable if not grammatical but last notice is clearly discriminatory



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