Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Wat Nanthawan (near Chonburi) วัดนันทวัน

Wat Nanthawan (near Chonburi) วัดนันทวัน

This Wat sticks out because it is on a hill and has a green chedi (?) with four smaller ones on the side, all with square cross section. It is not in google maps, but you can see it in satellite picture or on streetview. On a recent trip to Pattaya, I had the chance to stop along the road and have a closer look. About 10 mintues walk from the main road and 30 minutes spend at the wat. If you take Thanon Nanthawan, you can get closer by car. But you have to drive past the wat; we stopped too early in order not to miss it and took a footpath. The Wat is still under construction. There were two people in the office near the wat, they didn't pay attention to us.

Location on googlemaps:

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