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Dating Thai boys (2) It’s not easy (1)

Dating Thai boys (2) It’s not easy (1)

To illustrate some of the difficulties that I have come across dating Thai boys, below a chat I had with a boy on Line. We first met on gayromeo, I he admits being a money boys which should make things easy. Some edits in italic for clarity.

In short: he didn’t want to tell me where in Bangkok he stays, and later tried to pressure me to take him for five days long time. We have not met before, and I have to work, so I cannot commit to that. Anyway, I have several other friends I meet and places I go to during week where I don’t want to drag him along, even less leave him alone in my room (no TV in my room!).

[LINE] Chat with Thaiboy Bkk
Saved time:2013/12/13 09:00

9:00       christianpfc         hello
11:25     Thaiboy Bkk        Hi
11:57     christianpfc         hello, are you free tonight?
15:37     Thaiboy Bkk        Yes
15:37     Thaiboy Bkk        You ok?
15:37     Thaiboy Bkk        Where are you now ?
15:37     Thaiboy Bkk        You stay in Bkk now ?
15:38     christianpfc         at work in หลักสี่ (Lak Si)
15:38     christianpfc         i am free tonight. where do you stay?
15:39     christianpfc         i am in bangkok
15:40     Thaiboy Bkk        Me stay in Pattaya now
15:40     Thaiboy Bkk        You want to see me ?
15:40     christianpfc         yes, but i am in bangkol
15:41     Thaiboy Bkk        How much ? You want me stay with you in Bkk ???
15:42     christianpfc         too far. are you money boy?
15:43     Thaiboy Bkk        Yes
15:45     christianpfc         Sorry, but I look for sex for free for fun (to cut the conversation short because we are far apart)
15:59     Thaiboy Bkk        Ok

10:25     christianpfc         hello
10:58     christianpfc         where do you work?
11:53     Thaiboy Bkk        You want to see me ?
12:45     christianpfc         Yes, but today only for talking. where in pattaya do you live?
12:46     Thaiboy Bkk        Me stay in Bkk now
12:46     Thaiboy Bkk        And me stay in Pattaya 25
12:47     christianpfc         I'm in pattaya, where are you?
13:13     Thaiboy Bkk        Me stay in Bkk now ..
13:14     christianpfc         OK, see you in bkk next week
13:15     Thaiboy Bkk        What day you come in Bkk ?
13:15     christianpfc         Sunday nighg
13:17     Thaiboy Bkk        You tell me , you don't like money 
13:18     christianpfc         sometimes I go with money boy
13:20     Thaiboy Bkk        Ok
13:21     Thaiboy Bkk        You want me stay in Bkk how long ?
13:21     Thaiboy Bkk        You want me stay with you in Bkk ?
13:22     christianpfc         I don't know yet, let's meet first
13:22     Thaiboy Bkk        Ok
13:25     Thaiboy Bkk        You want me stay with you ?
13:26     christianpfc         meet first. Where in bangkok do you stay?
14:10     Thaiboy Bkk        Where you what to see me ?
14:13     christianpfc         I don't know. where do you stay?
14:16     Thaiboy Bkk        Me don't know
14:16     Thaiboy Bkk        Up to you (WTF? You don’t know where in Bangkok you stay? I need to know to arrange a meeting place.)
14:17     christianpfc         ที่กทมพักที่ไหนครับ (“Where do you stay” in Thai)
14:18     Thaiboy Bkk        You stay with boy now ?
14:19     christianpfc         now i am alone. i meet a friend tonight.
14:19     Thaiboy Bkk        Ok

2013/11/26(Tuesday) (According to gayromeo, he is several hundred kilometers away, so I have to find out if this is correct, in that case I wait until he is back in Bangkok or Pattaya.)
16:03     christianpfc         Hello, where are you now?
21:45     Thaiboy Bkk        Hi
21:45     Thaiboy Bkk        Where are you now ?

9:44        christianpfc         In bkk, and you?
9:48        Thaiboy Bkk        Me stay in Bkk
9:48        Thaiboy Bkk        You want to see me tonight ?
9:49        Thaiboy Bkk        You want to see me want time ?
9:49        christianpfc         I am not free tonight.
9:50        christianpfc         Where do you stay?
9:51        Thaiboy Bkk        Yes, you want to see me ?
10:04     Thaiboy Bkk        You want to see me what time ?
10:05     christianpfc         not today. where do you stay?
10:05     Thaiboy Bkk        Up to you
10:05     Thaiboy Bkk        Bye

20:28     christianpfc         Hello, how are you?
20:44     Thaiboy Bkk        Good
20:44     Thaiboy Bkk        Why you want chat
20:44     Thaiboy Bkk        Why ?
20:49     christianpfc         I am free tonight. Where are you now?
20:50     Thaiboy Bkk        Why you want to know? (To see if we can meet tonight)
20:51     christianpfc         I am in bkk. Can we meet here tonight?
20:52     Thaiboy Bkk        No
20:52     christianpfc         Ok, maybe next time.

17:34     christianpfc         Let me know when you are in Bangkok, I hope we can meet here.
17:44     Thaiboy Bkk        [Audio Message]
17:50     christianpfc         I want to see you too. In bangkok.
17:51     Thaiboy Bkk        [Audio Message]
17:52     Thaiboy Bkk        Why ?
17:53     christianpfc         I think you are cute.
17:53     christianpfc         Please write, no audio message.
17:55     Thaiboy Bkk        Why ?, me think you stay with boy boy , me know (Drama Queen!)
17:56     Thaiboy Bkk        Up to you , Don't cane , bye
18:00     christianpfc         I am single
18:01     Thaiboy Bkk        No
18:01     Thaiboy Bkk        You stay with boy now (Drama Queen!)
18:02     christianpfc         I am alone, no boy
18:02     Thaiboy Bkk        Stay you live now
18:03     Thaiboy Bkk        ??
18:04     christianpfc         I live in bangkok, in laksi
18:05     christianpfc         Where are you now?
18:05     Thaiboy Bkk        Me want stay with you 5days ok?
18:05     Thaiboy Bkk        Stay my home
18:07     Thaiboy Bkk        Ok
18:07     christianpfc         But I work Monday to Friday 9-5.
18:08     Thaiboy Bkk       
18:08     Thaiboy Bkk        Up to you
18:09     Thaiboy Bkk        You don't want me stay with you , up to you , not chat , bye
18:11     christianpfc         When do you come to Bangkok?
18:11     Thaiboy Bkk        How long you want me stay with you in Bkk ?
18:12     Thaiboy Bkk        Tell me now
18:12     Thaiboy Bkk        Me want know
18:12     Thaiboy Bkk        Now
18:12     christianpfc         Yes, I want to meet you in Bangkok.
18:13     christianpfc         Meet first, then you can stay with me.
18:13     Thaiboy Bkk        5 days you want me stay with you ?
18:14     christianpfc         Meet first is better. We have time get to know each other first.
18:16     Thaiboy Bkk        Yes, me want know how long ?
18:16     Thaiboy Bkk        Tell me now ?
18:17     Thaiboy Bkk        How long ?
18:17     christianpfc         I don't know how long. You mean overnight? Yes, can.
18:18     Thaiboy Bkk        No
18:19     Thaiboy Bkk        Me want stay with you 5 days ok?
18:20     christianpfc         Yes, can.
18:20     Thaiboy Bkk        Are you sure ?
18:20     christianpfc         Yes
18:21     Thaiboy Bkk        How much?
18:21     christianpfc         You can stay in my room for free.
18:22     Thaiboy Bkk        Yes
18:23     Thaiboy Bkk        How much you want me stay with you
18:25     christianpfc         We can discuss when we meet.
18:26     Thaiboy Bkk        No
18:26     Thaiboy Bkk        Me want to know now
18:26     Thaiboy Bkk        Tell me now
18:27     Thaiboy Bkk        How much ?
18:27     christianpfc         1000 for overnight
18:28     Thaiboy Bkk        1days 1000?
18:28     christianpfc         Yes
18:28     Thaiboy Bkk        5day ok
18:29     christianpfc         Start with one day. Let's see.
18:31     Thaiboy Bkk        You not tell me , me not sure , sorry
18:32     christianpfc         Because I don't know you. I want to meet first.
18:33     Thaiboy Bkk        Me want stay with you 5days , you don't want , up to you
18:35     christianpfc         Why 5 days?
18:35     Thaiboy Bkk        Me want
18:36     Thaiboy Bkk        Me think , you goog
18:37     christianpfc         What? Goog?
18:38     Thaiboy Bkk        Me don't know , me think you good
18:39     christianpfc         Thank you. I think you are good, too.
18:39     Thaiboy Bkk        Thank you
18:39     Thaiboy Bkk        Me want 5days ok?
18:40     christianpfc         When?
18:40     Thaiboy Bkk        You tell me now , me go tomorrow
18:42     christianpfc         this week cannot
18:42     christianpfc         Busy this week
18:43     Thaiboy Bkk        Up to you , bye
18:46     Thaiboy Bkk        Not chat , bye
18:49     christianpfc         Good night, bye.
18:53     Thaiboy Bkk        Me don't me want chat , bye
18:53     Thaiboy Bkk        Me don't want me you
18:54     Thaiboy Bkk        Byeeeeeeeeeeeee
18:54     Thaiboy Bkk        สัส  (???? Have to ask a Thai friend what this means)
(update: A Thai friend says it's extremely impolite, not in dictionary or internet, something like "fuck you", it could be a non-standard spelling of สัตว์ "animal"; another friend says it means "fuck you".)

Oh my god! Lord, please save me from similar chats! I have information from an acquaintance who was very happy with this boy, so I will check his gayromeo and facebook and when he is in Bangkok try to meet him here. Just pretend the conversation above has not happened.

(This and other conversations are an invitation to others to post theirs. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.)

Copyright 2013 ChristianPFC


  1. In pattaya I use gayromeo to meet moneyboys. When I am ready for meeting I make contact to one of the guys who is online at that moment. Usually I meet out side the hotel because might be difficult for him to go to my room alone.
    The chat will be some thing like this: Me: Hi do you want to meet now. Him: yes
    Me: Ok, meet boystown out side NameOfHotel. When can you come. Him: 15 minutes.
    Done it this way and it is ok. We go to my hotelroom. Usuallly sex like he has described in his gayromeo profile. After I say thank you and pay about 2000bt
    and tell him that he are free to leave or if I like him, that he are welcome to sleep with me in the room, but I m not going to pay more money.

  2. Yup, that is how I do it too.
    Always meet a guy from GR outside. Usually works out ok, but every now and then some dude shows up, he used a fake pic in GR. Even if the guy looks ok, I tell No, it not u. And I walk away.

  3. Thank you for posting this funny exchange, I too think you goog!



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