Thursday, 26 December 2013

Little activitiy around Saranrom 24.12.2013

Little activitiy around Saranrom 24.12.2013

Tuesday, 24.12.2013

Meet a friend for dinner near Khao San, then stroll along Talad Klong Lot to Saranrom. Still barbed wire around Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Interior (road in front of it completely blocked and a banner with a new name in front of the ministry).

Arrive at Saranrom 21:45. Very slow business. One round complete about 22:30, it’s getting better. Continue. 23:15, I estimate that it won’t get much busier tonight, so I say goodbye to my friend and wait for bus home at Sanam Luang.

This night, there were only about 30 boys (on a normal day there would be twice as many, on a good day three times as many), we saw one boy getting into a car with a customer (and he was back half an hour later).

A strange way to spend Christmas.

My friend pointed out that the taxi drivers witness all the negotiation, something I haven’t thought about. Next time I will count how many customers are in their own car and how many come by taxi.

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