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Pattaya weekend 13.-15.12.2013

Pattaya weekend 13.-15.12.2013

Friday, 13.12.2013

Travel to Pattaya. I used the airport bus (line 389) many times, but it departs only every hour, I arrive half an hour before departure, the next bus is usually booked out (no phone booking or advance booking as far as I know), so I have to wait one hour and a half at the airport. This time, I tried van from Victory Monument.

16:05 leave work, 16:11 arrive at bus stop, 16:12 take bus 510 (aircon, 17 Baht) to Victory Monument, 16:57 arrive at Victory Monument, 17:03 arrive at the van station north of Victory Monument (big sign “Pattaya” in Thai language, there is another van station south of Victory Monument for destinations in the south east), buy ticket (150 Baht), wait for van, van leaves 17:49, I couldn’t get the seat in front because there was a monk among the passengers, according to their sign vans leave every 30 minutes, inquire: traffic jam.

First part of the trip smooth, but then the van turns to Sri Ratcha (19:35 I catch a view of Robinson Sri Ratcha) and drives along small dark side sois to drop passengers. Then along Sukhumvit to Pattaya, there again detours to drop passengers and to deliver parcels. I am one of the last passengers, I ask to be let out at Tuk Com, we arrive there 20:30.

both routes take about 4 hours, the airport bus is more comfortable and the route is direct, however there is a wait of one hour and a half. Van is less comfortable (not recommended if you are overweight or have a lot of luggage), shorter waiting time, can deliver you directly to your destination.

Bus 554 to airport 34 Baht, bus 389 to Pattaya 134 Baht, songthaeow to Tuk-Com 10 Baht = 178 Baht;
Bus 510 aircon to Victory Monument 17 Baht, van to Pattaya 150 Baht = 167 Baht (with possiblility to save another 10 Baht by taking normal bus in Bangkok)

My usual way is along Tuk-Com to check if there is talent at the massage shops, then to Sunee plaza. I check in, shower and change and meet a German B friend for dinner. My Thai friend T (from two weeks ago, Sansuk sauna) joins us shortly later (efficient communication in Thai, on time). After dinner, we go to my room, have fun and sleep.

Saturday, 14.12.2013
T gets up around 7 am and leaves to his room and will be back at 10 am. Indeed, 10:05 my phone rings and he is downstairs. I get up and we go to pick up B at his hotel and go for breakfast (I, my Thai friend T, my German friend B and his Thai friend O who came last night). T and I go to Pattaya avenue on his motorbike and watch “The Hobbit 2”, including advertisement almost 3 hours. Afterwards, we have cake and take a stroll along Second Road, Beach Road and into Mike Shopping Mall and Central festival. It seems T knows half of the staff at these two places and stops for a chat with them.

Refurbishment of Beach road is almost complete. Now I can confirm what I read in a magazine: there are no more benches! Before there were benches, they are gone! You can either sit on the floor or on the stairs to the beach (but then you can only look towards the sea). Near Mike Shopping Mall, there is an elevation with steps, there is no way around it, which will cause problems for wheelchair users or parents with children in prams. But an even leveled wooden way around it is under construction.

After that, T takes me to a beach west of Phratamnak (Cosy Beach?) I didn’t know of:

You can rent a boat and go as far as Bangkok, Hua Hin, Koh Samet albeit a bit pricey (25,000 Baht for these):

T stays near is motorbike and plays with his phone (too lazy to climb down and up again), so I go alone using the last sunlight 17:30 to 18:15. Just having climbed down to the beach, I spot two boys sitting there and one of them chats me up. He is from Burma and works in a nearby hotel. Good English. I tell him I am here with a friend who waits upstairs, he asks if my friend is gay or man. That means he correctly interpreted my first glance at him as scrutinizing him for suitability as a sexual partner. I would have exchanged phone numbers on my way back, but they left shortly after we said goodbye.

After sunset, climb up to T (who has been playing on his pad all the time), he tells me he will meet a friend for dinner and doesn’t know if and when he will be free tonight. We drive back to South Pattaya, and I leave at Bali Hai pier (good opportunity for an evening walk at Walking Street, and I made some interesting acquaintances at the pier some weeks ago). After Walking Street, along Beach road to check if any street trade is going on. Yes, a few boys. An available lady (ladyboy as I should learn later) is sitting and two boys are standing next to her. We chat, the cute one works in a hotel and doesn’t speak much English and is obviously gay. He wants to go with me, I ask for a price (I have no intent to take him now, but want to know what the going rate at Beach Road is). They chat in Thai, I understand 1500 and 1000, finally the ladyboy tells me that he is not for sale. We exchange phone numbers and Line. I love this style of shorts, want to slip my hands in. But too early for the evening, and no clear hit type-wise.

(Update: he keeps in contact on Line and proposes going for sighseeing together next time I come to Pattaya. Pursue or get out of it? I am having my hands in to many boy's pants - in a figurative sense.)

There are cute boys in the area from Bali Hai to Beach Road. However, if you make eye contact you might be offered illegal substances. Sometimes only in sign language: the boy makes a fist fist thumb and little finger stretched out, and then points his thumb to his mouth. (This does not mean oral intercourse, this means smoking.)

I stroll through Boyztown. Shortly before opening time, you can get some interesting insights. Wild West boys is open (i.e. the door is physically open, boys are in, but not yet open for business). I am not shy, I poke my head in, you can have a free view with good light, no music, no pressure to buy drinks, and ask how many boys are working (20, but I count only 6).

Continue to Sunee, here the same. Eros is open, I walk in and look around and ask a few stupid questions while checking out the boys present to see if they are worth coming back. I get a clear hit: a tall slim brown skinned boy with a cute face and haircut is undressing (I like undressing scenes in porn, unfortunately there are not may) and his underwear is my style and fits perfectly, and the bulge looks promising. I could have told him to put his clothes back on and come with me, but restrain myself. T could call any moment and I didn’t have dinner.

So I meet B and O for dinner and help B with translation German – Thai. It’s a miracle how they found together. B is not an Adonis, he would perfectly blend in in Sunee Plaza or at the gay beach. B does not speak Thai, and his English is simple and full of mistakes. O speaks even less English, I estimate there are a few hundred words they can use to communicate in English. O looks fine, with short hair I would consider him as a sexual partner. They met on Camfrog and now chat on Skype with google translate. O came on his motorbike from Chonburi and did not ask for money, but B compensates his efforts for travelling. Their common vocabulary in English is just enough to set up a meeting at B’s hotel, B couldn’t tell me if the boy will leave his place at 5 pm or arrive at 5 pm. But everything went fine.

After dinner, I heed back to Eros and order a drink. They have Tiger night (all boys more or less dressed in something which looks like tiger fur). I spot the cute boy M from an hour ago sitting with a customer. When he goes outside (to smoke as I would find out), I follow him some minutes later, pretending to have a phone call. He is just sitting and drinking with the customer, so he can join me later. I point out to him that I don’t like cigarette smoke and that I will wait for him inside. None of the other boys appeal to me, I wouldn’t have entered the bar on Tiger night and I would not have taken M with that dress.

When his customer leaves, he comes over to me, fortunately I can’t detect any smell of smoke. Skin temperature check positive. I buy him a drink and off him.

On our way to my hotel, I can smell that he reeks of alcohol, seems he had a few drinks in the bar, or even drinking before work? English is ok, can hold a conversation and has good manners. Doesn’t get hard (maybe due to alcohol), apart from that everything fine in bed.

The underwear did cost 200 Baht and was provided by mamasan? He wore it when he came to work, I saw him undress from street clothes. Will take him again, next time before he starts drinking.

M leaves (when I offed him, he asked if I wanted short time or long time, I left it open, maybe take him longtime next time). I call T, sounds like I just woke him up, arrange meeting for tomorrow at 10 am. Too early to go to bed (23:15), anyway there are parties with loud music in Sunee near my place. I want to go to Walking Street and Boyztown, but my plans are thwarted just minutes later. During my usual stroll through Sunee, I see an old acquaintance (drama boy) with friends in a beer bar, so I join them for a drink. One of his friends is cute, and we chatted several times on grindr and gayromeo. We exchange a few smiles, but I leave it at that.

They leave and I leave as well (separate). It’s 1 am. Another stroll through Sunee (you never know, you might see the boy of your dreams), a boy is sitting next to Colonial bar on the floor. He tells me he works in Colonial and his roommate has his room key and doesn’t answer phone calls and he suspects his roommate is in a disco and will not be back before early morning. He wants to stay with me over night. The story and circumstances look plausible, so I invite him. He is not so much my type (a bit too fat), so I make it clear that it will be just sleeping (and leaving 9:30 am) and no sex.

We shower separate and go to bed and sleep. Around 3 or 4 am, he starts groping me, but after fending him off several times he stops and we sleep without problems.

Sunday 15.12.2013

My alarm clock rings at 9:30, the boy leaves and I call T. We meet with B and O for breakfast and then take taxi to Mini Siam (I negotiate with the driver, B pays, 250 Baht one way from Sunee). Entry prices 300 Baht for tourist, 200 for me (Farang with work permit), 120 for Thai. We spend about 2 hours and all of us like it (I’ve been there twice before). Afterwards, hail songthaeow which happens to be empty, so he can take us back to Sunee for 200 Baht (I do the talking in Thai, B pays). B and O go to B’s place, T and I go to my place and have fun. After that, I check out and return to Bangkok (bus from Jomtien to the airport).

General observation: it is not easy to get breakfast or lunch in the morning or at noon around Sunee Plaza. Sure, you can get something to eat, but if you are looking specifically for Thai street food (quick and cheap) or something special, you have to wait until afternoon or walk.

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  1. another great report from famous ChristianPFC, you are right, boys underwear very fancy and I'd stock on them for myself. You have nerves of steel, to fend off boy in the bed at 4 a.m.


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