Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Thai food: Durian chips

Thai food: Durian chips

Durian chips (ทุเรียนกรอบ, literally: crispy Durian; ทุเรียนอบกรอบ literally: crispy baked Durian)

two different packings of Durian chips from my supermarket:

One label says: Durian 90%, palm oil 8%, salt 2%; the other label: durian 97.5%, palm oil 2%, salt 0.5%. I didn't notice a difference.

I didn't know about these, until a friend offered me Durian chips, and I liked it. It seems to be just sliced dried Durian (baked or fried?). They taste very different from Durian fruit and don't have the Durian odor. Comparable to potato crisps/chips. At about 200 Baht per 200 gram (price depends on size of the chips, usually there are two qualities, the smaller ones are cheaper) not cheap, but it's a clear hit with many of my Thai friends. Available at street markets during Durian season and in the supermarket all over the year.

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