Thursday, 12 December 2013

Shiva temple in Khu Bon 27

Shiva temple in Khu Bon 27

In googlemaps and in panoramio, it’s labeled as Chao Mae Kuan Im Palace, however the large statue is Shiva (the inscription says พระมหาเทวะศิวะเทพ). The sign on the main road says “วิหาร เสด็จพ่อพระศิวะ Phra Maha Shiva Thep’s Hall”, so the references to Kuan Im might be an error, or referring to an even bigger Kuan Im statue to be built. Or because this place is a branch of the Kuan Im temple in Chokchai 4. There are statues of other deities as well, but all considerably smaller than the Shiva statue.

Directions in Thai (my words):

ซอยเจ้าแม่กวนอิม คู้บอน 27 ซอย 27 = ซอยสยามธรณี
ถนนคู้บอน = รามอินทรา ซอย 71 รามอินทรา ก.ม. 8
ตรงข้าม ซอย 46/1, 48, ถนนนวมินทร์

How I got there:
Bus along Ramintra, get off at Soi Khu Bon. Walk along Khu Bon about 1.5 km to Soi 27. Walk along Soi 27 about 1.5 km to Yaek 27. From there about 600 meters to the temple.

There is not much to see along the way, mocy or taxi is the best option. There are Songthaeos (line 1059) which go from the entrance of Soi Khu Bon (Ramintra km 8) along Khu Bon (and into Soi 27?).

There were no other Farang the whole trip and only few Thai people at the temple. This temple clearly qualifies for “off the beaten track”.

How did I know about this place? From a high building, I was looking for another place with the help of binoculars borrowed from a colleague. I found the place I was looking for and spotted other interesting buildings. With googlemaps and photos on googlemaps I could identify it.

first sight:

the main statue, visible from 10 km away from a good vantage point

in the ground floor under the statue:

adjacent building:

Plans for extension, adding a giant Guan Im statue (in white color, 21 m tall, 18 m wide, 3500 tons):

(Update: I just found this temple is mentioned in "Bangkok off the Grid", but without pictures.)


  1. You have an undisputable knack for finding out of the way interesting places, congratulations and thank you


  2. Cool temple, totally off the path. Looks exactly like your photos. The new Guan Yin statue might still take a while. Status as of yesterday:


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