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Daytime activities in Pattaya

Daytime activities in Pattaya

Pattaya is fine for me for holiday, but I wouldn’t want to live as there is not much to do for me during day. During previous holidays, I managed to fill my days in Pattaya, but now about once per month for two nights / three days (arrive in the evening, leave at noon), I have to find something to fill one day. Sightseeing or sometimes just being lazy, massage, movie, shopping mall strolling.

Here my list of attractions in and around Pattaya (top of the list attractions that I consider unique and world-class, at the end attractions of lower interest to me)

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden (have been three years ago by taxi and recently with a friend on his motorbike, avoiding all problems with public transport, see recent post)

Million Years Stone Park (I have been three years ago, with Thai friends, taxi 800 Baht return, I would like to go again, but with pick-up which is much cheaper, however you have to book a day or two in advance and I don’t know whom I will end in bed with! Maybe I should go alone on a bicycle.) I already had a topic on this problem (no public transport, pick-up only after booking in advance): I even asked the Nong Nooch office in Bangkok (in Siam Square, Scala cinema), they could not give me an address for their Pattaya office!

Mini Siam (have been three times)

Sanctuary of Truth (have been once)

Three kingdoms park (have been once by taxi)

Wat Yan (have been once) and Viharn Sien (have been once)

Golden Buddha Mountain (have been once)

Baan Sukhavadee (Naklua, have been once)

Silver lake (haven’t been), grape farm

Mimosa City of Love (near Ambassador Hotel Jomtien, have been once, white Baht-bus to Satthahip 20 Baht)

Gay beach in Jomtien (have been many times, but now go rarely as there are not many boys)

OTOP and Gems Gallery in North Pattaya (more as a filler with nothing else to do, because we missed pick-up to Nong Nooch because the boy was late)

Naowarat Textile and Woodcraft Museum Pattaya พิพิธภัณฑ์ เนาวรัตน์ ผ้าไทย (from Royal Garden Plaza across Second Road)

Big Bee Farm (haven’t been), Sheep Farm (haven’t been), Snake show (haven’t been), Elephant village (haven't been), Dolphin show (haven't been) only saw their advertising banners or flyers

Bottle Art Museum (opposite Mini Siam, have been once)
update Jun 2015: seems to be gone

Art in Paradise (near Dolphin roundabout, have been once)

4-D art
4-D art
Amazing Art Pattaya (4-D art, new 2015)
Amazing Art

Various wats, churches and mosques (most notably St Nicolaus Catholic Church next to a mosque on Sukumvit, orthodox church in Jomtien, drove past some of them) and Hindu Temples

Pattaya Park (have been once)

Cartoon Network Amazone (waterpark, new 2014)

Underwater world (have been once)

Ripley’s believe it or not (haven’t been, expensive and double pricing)
been to museum 23aug2017 with Muse Pass

Upside down Pattaya

Frost Pattaya  

Rubberland (new end of 2016)

Buddha Hill / Radar Station / Admiral Statue / view point on Pratamnak hill (have been several times)

Koh Larn (have been once, might go again and explore on foot) update second visit:

Fishing, swimming, windsurfing, golfing, horse polo, car race, go cart end of Walking street can be included in the list, but I have no interest in these activities (for windsurfing, horse polo and car race check blog). Pattaya Fishing Park.

Alcazar, Tiffany and Colosseum show are of no interest to me and I assume they start at night.

Floating Market (have been once, tourist trap)

Love Art Park Pattaya (new 2014) 

A bit further away:

Suphattraland Fruit Farm Rayong (haven’t been) and many other fruit farms (see material by Tourism Authority of Thailand, I'm still looking for one that can easily be accessed by public transport from Pattaya), Satthahip beaches, open zoo in Sri Ratcha, Tiger Zoo and Flight of the Gibbon, Saithip Butterfly Garden, Bang Saen with aquarium at Burapa University, Wang Saen Suk Buddhist Hell Garden, Chinese Temple in Ang Sila and Khao Sam Muk mountain, Koh Sichang.

Ancient Siam, Crocodile Farm, Erawan Museum in Samut Prakarn can easier be accessed from Bangkok.

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  1. You are right, days in Pattaya are just for being lazy. If you consider Tropical Garden world class this is recommendation to me to visit there when next time in PTY.

  2. As said above I visited Tropical Gardens when in Pattaya in May 2015 and second your opinion , actually half day trip I took was not enough, net time I'll try whole day. I took tour from Pattaya for 700 baht - good value as ticket costs 500 so 200 for round trip transport seems reasonable

  3. Very interesting article! Long time I am looking for a website that offers clear insights about tourist Things to Do In Pattaya. My long term search end here and your website are really stunning


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