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Pattaya 10.-12.03.2014

Pattaya 10.-12.03.2014

Due to lack of activities during daytime, I now come to Pattaya in the afternoon/evening, stay two nights and one full day, and depart around noon.

Monday, 10.03.2014

Arrive in Pattaya, check in, shower, change clothes. Call Farang friend P: no signal. Call Farang friend W: doesn’t pick up (sleeps the whole day, as I would learn later). Go for dinner and stroll around Sunee and Tuk Com. In Sunee, Farang K (the one whom I met in Saensuk a few weeks ago and who forced two beer on me) is sitting in a beer bar, and invites me to join (about 7 pm).

----- Farang misbehavior

Having nothing else to do, I join him for a chat. Not long afterwards, two very cute twinky Thai boys walk past, K invites them as well. He shouts a name to almost every Thai who walks past, as I would later learn he doesn’t know them, he just shouts an arbitrary Thai name and hopes for a reaction. He orders beer for the boys and quickly has one boy on his right leg and one on his left leg, kissing them and putting his hands in their trousers, playing with their dicks. They work at Eros, I get the phone number of the cuter boy Z.

Time passes quickly, two other Farang get invited for drinking. K intends to take both boys, 1000 each for long time (he considers this generous). I ask if I can join for free, but don’t get a definitive answer. But K is not going to pay an off fee (300 each), because he doesn’t take the boys from their bar. Sometime between 9 and 10 pm, the boys disappear (to Eros to say are being taken off?) and come back later. K and the boys do not come to an agreement, they leave with a sad look on their face. K doesn’t tip them because he already bought them two beer each. I and the other Farang tell K that the boys cannot pay their rent from the beer he bought them, to no avail. If I had understood the situation earlier, I would have tipped them.

Another boy refused to sit with K, some of the bar staff were standing on the road, so they don’t have to listen to our droning (three Farang in German, louder than the music). Later another Farang tells me that there are bars where no boy will sit with K.

I have read similar reports many times on the forums, but this is the first time I witness such behavior. K is not a cheapskate, he invited two Thai and three Farang (me included) for drinks, he bought about 10 drinks for us five (I got away with just one orange juice), he has just a distorted view of reality. I manage to get out of his clutches about 22:15, that’s over 3 hours sitting and talking!

I go to New Queens, where I kind of promised a boy N a week ago to come back for him. Drink for him and another old friend who works there, some chat and then to my room. Everything fine, but he makes me some love bites and smokes (cigarettes, smell remains).

-----Late night around Pratamnak hill, dangerous stray dogs

Chat with friends in other bars, then about 1 am I decide to go running around Pratamnak hill to check reports about available boys there. Two friends have told me about cruising activity at night, and warned me of Thai youth gangs, and then I read this: . Time to go and look for myself! I run through Walking Street (nobody cares if someone is running there, they have seen other things!), past Bali Hai pier and along the ships and past the light house, then the road rises onto the hill. There I am suddenly alone. Run up to the hill and take stairs down to the “Pattaya city” sign (which wasn’t illuminated both nights). As soon as I notice that there are plenty of stray dogs, they get up from their slumber and start barking. I make a slow retreat up the stairs, they follow me. Back on top of the hill, on the main road, their barking rises another pack of dogs, and all of them follow me for a while. Fortunately only from one side, so I can walk backwards or look back so they can’t approach me from the back (as soon as you turn your back to them, they get closer).

About 3 am. Take another way around the hill, after a few hundred meters a similar problem. Run back the way I was coming. Between Bali Hai pier and the lighthouse (where all the boats are on land), I noticed people and sleeping dogs earlier. Now on my return these dogs start barking as well, and one gets close to about 2 meters and crouches down to jump.

I have never been threatened by a dog before. I apply the “imaginary stone throw” technique. Dogs cannot grab and throw objects, so the ability of humans to grab and throw objects must be magic to them. Even without anything to throw at the dog, just making a fist and raising my arm is sufficient and the dog retreats. Is this innate or does it only work if the dog has been hurt by an object thrown by a human before?

I mentioned before that I am in favor of eating dog meat, that would be a good way to control the stray dog problem in Thailand. I only object to the way it is currently done. Give me a license and a gun, and I will volunteer to make Pratamnak hill dog-free!

The danger is not knife wielding drunk Thai youth, but stray dogs! In Sathorn Unique the danger was not stray dogs, but wasps!

Back to Bali Hai pier and up the hill, taking the road underneath the overpass. At the begin of the public park, two boys are sitting. They say hello and want to go with me. I run around the hill, the road is lit. There are a few other people around. Some areas have gates stating their closing time, but everything is open. There are a few dogs, but they don’t get up when I run past. Later meet two other boys, both want to go with me. Gay cruising confirmed! All four boys were near the main road, in well-lit area, and didn’t look homeless to me.

On my way back, I run onto Bali Hai pier and see a fishing ship that is washing its freight and a few tourists around looking at the crabs they caught. The fishermen wash/shower (no running water, water from barrel) themselves in underwear, a nice view (wet skin, dim light), but lasts only for about 15 minutes until all are washed and dressed for eating. Fisherman in underwear confirmed!

About 4 am. At the Bali Hai end of Walking street, several rotund black ladies are standing and want to go with me. In Walking street, many venues are closed and the lights are off. Song Theos are driving in Walking street. Go to bed about 5 am.

Tuesday 11.03.2014

After breakfast (restaurant in Sunee), and picking up pictures for a friend, I walk back to my room and walk past an old Thai friend A, who invites me to join him for a drink. He claims to be drunk and sad because his boyfriend (I have seen pictures on facebook and seen them walking in Pattaya) is on his way to his home country, and he wants my company because other guests are trying to pick him up. We had a good time two years ago, but after that I contacted him many times with little reply, and suddenly I am good enough again, be wary! His boyfriend doesn’t want him to stay in Pattaya, he will go back to his home province, but he would like to stay in Pattaya (because he is a slut!). Let’s see how long it takes until he is back. This is the third time that a Thai friend invited me for a drink.

Call Farang P: no signal. Call Farang W: doesn’t pick up (sleeps all day). Decide to go to Pattaya Avenue to watch a movie. However on my way to South Pattaya road, I come across Farang K again who is sitting and drinking and invites me to join, which I do. We drink and chat about 2 hours. I am trying to get a boy from Grindr to come to meet me there, he is in his room not far away, doing nothing, but doesn’t want to come down. His loss! Maybe he saw me and K sitting and doesn’t want to listen to endless talk in German?

----- Eros bar

Go back to Sunee (no movie, didn’t make it further than K near Tuk Com) and enter Eros 20:45. I am supposed to meet yet another Farang acquaintance (from Grindr) there at 21, but he doesn’t come and isn’t online on Grindr.

Bottom line: always have a plan what to do if the person you want to meet doesn’t come / you can’t reach them on the phone (I wanted to go to Eros anyway, to pick up the cute boy from yesterday). I now assumed a fatalistic view: if you are around in the gay scene (Sunee, Silom, Soi Twilight), you are bound to cross paths with acquaintances, no need to make plans and call people to meet them, your ways will cross if you are meant to meet! This applies to Thai and Farang.

Yesterday I had the boy N from New Queens, I take a detour so I don’t have to walk past him on my way to Eros, and he sits with his back to Eros, nonetheless within minutes after entering Eros bar I receive a message in Line: What are you doing in the gogo bar?

At 9 pm few customers and about 10 boys, at 10 pm it is brimming: about 10 customers and 15 boys, many of them sitting with customers. Eros has their base staff, none of them appeals to me. But there are many new boys, two of them comely, but I am still waiting for Z. He comes in at 10, and after spotting me he sits down next to me. I buy him a drink, we chat and I take him off. Orange juice 115 THB, off fee 300.

Music volume ok, aircon ok, I didn't see anyone smoking, good atmosphere (yes, there is full nudity and cocks on display!).

Back to my room (again detour to avoid New Queens, nonetheless another message from N: No problem, I understand that you don’t want to talk to me). It has been a while that I had such an adorably cute twink, unfortunately not much activity in bed. Tip Z 1000 Baht and go to New Queens to meet N again, just for drinking.

Farang W messages me that he missed my call because he was sleeping all day. We agree to meet 00:30 in Boyztown. Here again, a lot to talk about, we finally part around 3 am.

Some issues we discussed that might be of interest to my readers: to my great surprise, W’s mobile with a 6.5 inch screen easily fits my pocket (I am vaguely planning to upgrade from currently 5 inch), standing or sitting. My wallet on the other hand is so thick (unfortunately not from money, but from business cards) that I have to stand up to get it out of my pocket, almost impossible when I sit. However, this prevents theft in bus, W tells me, an idea that has not occurred to me before. W thinks people who complain that Thailand has gotten expensive have transferred their Western lifestyle (house, car, supermarket shopping for imported products) to Thailand instead of adapting the local way of live (like both of us do), a point I wholly agree with! W thinks Walking street is safe any time (because they have high quality CCTV), but on Beach road pickpockets just steal during daytime, but late night they rob you (i.e. steal by force).

----- Boys on the beach

Beach road is still brimming at 3 am. I take a walk on the sidewalk, spot a cute boy sitting with a friend on the beach and for way back take a detour to walk past him. As I walk past, the cute boy J says hello to me, so I sit down with them (J and G). I recline the beer they offer me, but take some of the honey roasted sunflower kernels. Very cute face and a neck I would like to get my lips on. And even better, can hold a conversation, we chat about 15 minutes in Thai; he would like to go to Paris to see the Eiffel tower! (Some of my Thai friends have no interests apart from eating, sleeping, TV and sex, there is nothing to talk about, it quickly gets boring). They are looking after girls who walk past and want to know if I think Thai girls are cute. I give very general and elusive answers. Finally they ask me if I like boys or girls, I lie that I like both, later admit that I like boys more than girls. G asks if I think J is cute: yes.

G to ChristianPFC: Ask for his phone number!
J to G: No, no!

But later we exchange phone numbers and part. I go to Walking street and order food at a street stall. While I am waiting, J calls. I don’t understand what exactly he wants, but tell him I will be back in 5 minutes. We meet again (G, J and ChristianPFC) and they want to drink beer, but have run out of money. I give J 100 Baht and he goes to 7/11 and buys beer (3:30 am, which means the alcohol sales ban really does not apply to Pattaya!). We continue chatting and I promise to call them when I come back in one or two weeks (but how am I going to fit them into my schedule? There are so many boys to meet!).

While I am sitting with G and J (in front of 7/11, on their motorbikes), another cute boy walks past, I think it’s the one who chatted me up in Soi VC two weeks ago, and I forgot to ask for his phone number on that occasion. I think he saw and recognized me, but I haven’t finished my street food dinner and it is some minutes from him passing until leaving G and J, too long to observe where he went and to follow him.

I say goodbye to G and J and go the way the cute boy went. And do you believe it or, on the way towards Sunee, he is sitting and waiting for me about 300 m away, around two corners, from where he walked past me. It is Na from two weeks ago, and he remembers our encounter after I tell him details we talked about that time. He had an argument with his roommate and has no place to sleep this night (I have heard similar stories before, they all ended the same way!). So I invite him to stay with me, just for sleeping of course. We shower, separately, and go to bed, about 4 am, and try to get to sleep after some hugging and cuddling and dick grabbing (he is hard, I am not).

About 6 am, he gets up to drink water and then starts touching me. It suddenly occurs to me that he might have to work the following day, so we cannot wait until I get up. Anyway, he is my type, twink, brown skin, with an exotic look (half Thai, half Arab), and I get hard, so why fight the natural course of events?

Afterwards, we shower (together), he gets dressed and tells me he has to go back to his room. We exchange phone numbers and email. He asks if I can give him money for food. I give him 100 Baht, he looks unhappy and sighs, so I give him 500 in exchange (which I consider generous, let’s not forget he waylaid me on Second road and lied to me about being locked out of his room!).

If he had told me at the beginning that he wants sex, I would have told him to draw a number and go to the end of the queue. But the lie being locked out of his room and needing a place to sleep worked.

Return to Bangkok via airport bus from Jomtien.

You think it’s getting too much (P, W, K, N, A, Z, G, J, Na, did I forget someone?). So do I. Looking forward to go back to Germany in April. I need a rest!

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  1. Nice report, yes I do think you are speeding up too much based on you narrative but obviously this is what you enjoy. Did you ever thought about completing your boy errands in the alphabetic order just for fun of doing it?

    Beer with A, movie with B, fuck with C etc sounds like fun


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