Monday, 17 March 2014

Coyote night party Castro RCA 06.03.2014

Coyote night party Castro RCA 06.03.2014

On 06.03.2014, Castro held their "Coyoter (sic!) Night Party", of which I learned in advance from one of the gay magazines, so I could go there and invite Burmese Woman to join me and bring friends.

After meeting another friend in Ladprao, I take bus to meet Burmese Woman in her new room in Minburi (successful combination in space and time of two events, getting to Ladprao to meet first friend takes over one hour by bus, so this time is not wasted).

Then we take taxi to Castro Pub (in RCA - Royal City Avenue) where more of her friends are waiting for us. Have dinner, they invite me!

Enter Castro Pub 23:45. Few other customers are there. We order Johnny Walker Red Label 1 Liter and mixer for 6, 1758 Baht, I pay. Castro allows people to enter in flip-flops, other venues have a "closed shoes" policy, there are booths that sell closed shoes to those who came in flip-flops. Customers smoke cigarettes and shishas. The entrance of Castro is to the main road now (was to the side before). 1:00 to 30 coyote boys on stage, then life music, followed by a lady (?) who sings and entertains. Our group has a good time, Burmese Woman is singing and dancing and hugging ChristianPFC (unfortunately, she gets unpleasantly cold sweaty). 3:20-40 coyote soda show, 3:50-4:00 coyote, after that we leave. Maximum occupation that evenig was 50 %, around 2 am. Burmese Woman takes the whisky (half left) with her, no problem. (Compare IDOL Pattaya, where I had to leave the bottle, with a ticket with validity 1 month to come back.)

Altogether too loud, too cold, too late, same as previous visits.

All standing taxis ask for inflated fares (so many excuses, I could write a book), but hailing a driving taxi that will use  the meter is no problem.

Pictures in chronological order:

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  1. great bodies , those coyotes

  2. Where do they normally search out their prey, pray tell

  3. I admit, they are in good shape and nice underwear, but I am more into twinks.

    Who searches what prey?

  4. Thanks for the photos :)


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