Sunday, 16 March 2014

Ramkhamhaeng gay discos update 15.03.2014

Ramkhamhaeng gay discos update 15.03.2014

Went with a friend on Saturday, 15.03.2014. I was having dinner at the food court and the lady who sells drinks remembered that I like the cats (that was months ago!), but they were away the entire night, I looked for them several times.

Enter Singapore pub about 00:45; coyote dancing 1:25 to 35; six boys (who work as waiters), a few new boys compared to last time. After that some lipsync, then stage open for audience.

My friend had Spy, I had drinking water (500 ml glass bottle), together 110 Baht, however the water is not cold (had the same with coke last year), but still, two people for two hours for 110 Baht, that's value for money you don't get in Silom! (My friend is not a drinker, nor a party-goer; with other friends I spend 2000 in a night, to set the balance right.)

I walked around and poked my head into other venues as well. Harlem and Meeting / Be High closed all night, Gstar Paradise good atmosphere; DoorDum too dark, annoying flashing lasers from all sides, smoking allowed, but shirtless dancing boys (customers) on stage.

Around 2 am seems to be the maximum occupation in all bars, at 3 am significantly reduced numbers, and at 4 am last customers leave Singapore and Gstar Paradise, but DoorDum is still full at 4:30 am.

Cutest boys however were about 2 am on the parking lot, twinky waiters from a nearby restaurant playing football shirtless; and several twinky boys parking attendants.

In Gstar Paradise, I meet a boy from Soi Twilight whom I had three years ago and haven’t seen since and we exchange a few words.

Around 4 am, I have a look into a nearby professional gambling den (i.e. they operate every day and it has a table for that purpose). A single Farang as bystander (among many Thai who seem just to look) doesn’t raise any interest. Piles of 20 and 100 Baht notes, two Thais set 1000’s, each of them must have 50,000 Baht in his hands, and a total of 200,000 must be circulating on the table.

Boys hang out around the food court after bars close, around 4:30 am I could have gotten many phone numbers, but none of them my type, go home alone (my friend had left about 2:50 am).

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