Monday, 17 March 2014

Finally! (Getting laid locally)

Finally! (Getting laid locally)

Around 00:30 on March 17, I finally succeded in getting a local into bed, an endeavor that started end of January 2013, when I moved here.

That was a long and difficult road, read here (that post is about a different boy):

I have been chatting with another group since February 2013, when I moved here. After initial excitement over a Farang who speaks Thai, interest faded. But two months ago, I first got that group of boys into my room, to play internet and eat sweets.

Further visits followed, always in group, with a lot of noise (there were two complaints from neighbors), looting my fridge, ravaging my room, and some petty theft. I managed to reduce number of boys, noise and damage.

We got to watching straight porn, dry fucking* (in all ways, even simulated group sex in my bed - stains from dirty feet on my bedlinen), comfortable touching each other (that took a while, initially some of the boys didn't' want to sit next to me because I am gay!). Then I offered 100 Baht (yes, 100 Baht!) for watching them wank. Some showed interest, others not.

The problem was, once they knew I am gay, they had a fixation on anal intercourse, basically they were afraid I would rape them. It took long to get this idea out of their mind, like taming a wild animal. 

Then today, on my way home about midnight, I walk past boy A in front of the internet cafe. We chat and he says he wants to come to my room alone later. A is not so much my type, but to get the stone rolling, I agree. Five minutes later, it knocks on my door, but not A, it's B (one of the cutest, unfortunately the loudest when in group, and a petty thief). We confirm the deal (100 Baht, pants down, wank), he searches for straight porn on the net and I watch him wanking (he was open for sucking or getting wanked as well, but doesn't like nipple or ball play).

That's the cheapest paid sex I ever had (pro forma, I just came back from a wank with a friend, so I was not horny and not hard), but it took some preparation and spending many hours talking with the boys in Thai and spending many hundred Bath on drinks and food over several months.

You might chide me for being cheap, but I don't have to pay more, I'm in the comfortable position that I'm not horny, it's just a demonstration of viability.

This boy has already paid his rent and food from his daytime job, now it's just the difference being horny (he was hard before we started the porn) and having no place to watch porn on a big screen; and wanking in my room with aircon, free food and drink, internet and me watching and touching and leaving with 100 Baht. 

If this had happened a year ago, it would have saved me a lot of time, money and frustration.

*I mean fully clothed, no erection, no body liquids:

[quote]when both a man and a woman simulate sexual intercourse by rubbing their genitals against each other with friction but without actual penetration. Usually done through embracing with each partner between the other partners legs. Very erotic when both genitals are clothed.[quote/]

(I even had a dry fuck with another group of boys in a supermarket, initiated by the boys, probably caught on CCTV.)


  1. "Dry fuck with another group of boys in a supermarket, initiated by the boys, probably caught on CCTV"

    That is hot!!!

  2. You didn't (get laid locally). Keep trying na.

  3. You almost there, but not yet.

  4. You almost there, but not yet.

  5. It looks that you had fun so good for you,

    It's not a destination but getting there what makes trip interesting


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