Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Where to buy a bodyglove polo shirt?

Where to buy a bodyglove polo shirt?

A friend asked me to bring him a bodyglove polo shirt next time we meet. I have been looking in Silom, Patpong, Victory Monument and South Pattaya (near Tuk Com) in street markets in vain.

I clearly remember having seen bodyglove shirts somewhere a week ago, but can't remember where.

Where and what to buy? Street market or mall? Original (price?) or copy (if there are any)?

Update 18.03.2014

I didn't see bodyglove in any street market or shopping mall (asked at information in Terminal 21: don't have), so I checked their website for shop locations:

Central Ladprao was on my way, didn't find it on second floor, ask at information: third floor (they even pointed out the right direction).

Then I sent pictures from the shop to my friend on Line and asked which one he wants and bought it for him. 890 Baht - 10% discount, the most expensive shirt I ever bought. Will deliver it to him this weekend.


  1. They're sold in literally each and every shopping mall, both in the department stores such as Robinson or Central and in separate brand-specific stores.

  2. Already sent, that's what I wanted to add: They aren't very expensive (599? 799?) and they often have promotions like "Buy 2 Get 1 Free". I don't know if copies exist, it probably makes more sense to copy Lacoste.

  3. thats not expensive compared to double the price in home country


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