Saturday, 22 March 2014

Does it ever become boring?

Does it ever become boring?

Was the title of a post on ricequeendiary blog (now offline) where ricequeendiary said that there are so many types of boys in so many places, it does not become boring (seducing them, having sex).

But ChristianPFC says it becomes boring. And a few Farang friends who stay here extended times (hibernation, half a year) say the same.

A post I made here is still valid:

[quote]My current condition can be described as fatigue, satiation, desensibilisation.

Fatigue: I rather go to bed early (midnight) and have a good sleep than go out to saunas, discos, Saranrom (and go to bed at 1 or 2 am) and suffer from lack of sleep the following day (when I have to get up at 8 am for work at 9 am).

Satiation: Sex every other day would be fine, the problem is just to arrange it this way. I had three boys on three consecutive days, too much, can’t appreciate it, would rather spread them over a week.

Desensibilisation: (a story I have told before) When I walked past X-Boys four years ago, I caught a glimpse through their open door and got a boner. Now it takes mechanical stimulation, thinking of boys or looking at boys or watching porn is not sufficient. (But I still wake up with a boner from time to time, so there is no physical problem.)[quote/]

Until half a year ago, I felt like Tantalus, cute boys everywhere but as soon as I reach out they retract. But then the situation changed, now I have a harem of boys (actually two, one in Bangkok and one in Pattaya) who want to meet me more often then I want.

It feels like being full after eating and standing in front of a buffet with delicious food. Sometimes even like a tinnitus: I need a break, but it follows me everywhere (boys call, I cross paths with cute boys). In Europe, there could be an entire week where I didn't see anyone I would like to have sex with. Recently I went to meet a friend for dinner, after I left my room I saw 4 cute boys from my area (I know them by name) and 6 more on the way, that's ten cute boys in 2 hours.

It's a bit like a childhood trauma: I didn't have any sex before I turned 29, so natural reaction when it becomes available is to compensate for that lack. It's like growing up in poverty. After the Second World War, people in Germany suffered from lack of food, some even died from starvation. Therefore, ChristianPFC still eats everything that is on his plate, to the last grain of rice.

Regular sex becomes as natural as running water. People in Africa who have to go to a well every day to get water would wax lyrical about running water, but for me, nothing to write home about. But 100 years ago, running water was an exciting novelty, even in Europe. In Paris, some houses still have advertising signs "Running water on all floors" from that time. "Free Wifi" will go the same way, in a few years free Wifi will be as normal as electric lighting.

Last year, I had three encounters "this boy, now!", two of them worked out well, one was the non-offable boy in Scorpion bar. Great sex is rare, where I get a boner from thinking about that encounter days later. Unfortunately, often a repeat is not possible (one boy left the bar, two are back in their hometown). Most sex is just so-so

When I take a boy now, it's like a shark attack on a human: most shark attacks are exploratory bites, the shark just wants to test if it's suitable for consumption or mistakes humans for prey, and leave them after one bite. When I go to bars, I am not horny, I just want to see what's on offer and take a boy in hope he makes me aroused when back in my room. Most don't so I tip the going rate and take some notes and exchange contact details for potential future encounters (once I get the balance right). If they do, I come back for a further attack (unfortunately, often to find the boy is gone).

When I came here, I imagined having sex every day, now three times per week are more than enough. Friends asked why I don't try these little blue pills, but it's a mental issue, not a physical. Anyway, that frees a lot of time (the time after arrival, I spend a lot of time looking for free sex, with little success), and saves some money.

But I have to change my livestyle. Most activities (going to gay bars, discos, saunas, being online on gayromeo and grind) are more or less related to search for sex, now I can spend more time for sightseeing (but at night it's dark, where to go?).

I had one boy almost every week from October on, but after a few months it became boring, so last week finally I just took him to cinema and to gay disco, gave him a bag of dried Durian (his favorite snack, bought it in Chanthaburi) and sent him home with 500 Baht, no sex! Currently I have only one regular with whom I have good sex every time, maybe the trick is to meet only every other week, and not weekly.

I'm looking forward to my stay in Germany entire April, I hope this will help me to find the balance between under-sexed and over-sexed!


  1. Reading your post I planned to comment that month back home will eliminate your sex fatigue but you got the same idea in your last sentence - hope it will work.

    Rightly you noted that if you think less about sex it frees more time to do other things including ordinary sightseeing. Community is well served by your travel notes, at least part of community I represent.

    I suspect your fatigue may be sourced in efforts you put in order to land suitable boy- way too absorbing for something you can easily have without so much hard work. I'd just go to the massage or bar and bingo / or not/ , boy in my arms..

    Forget about blue pills , you too young to poison yourself that way, just give yourself a break and you will be fine.

    Or try to enjoy encounter with boy without going all the way, no need to score with every boy you are bedding , try quiet night just wrapped around him. Works for me in my hours of boredom, boy may be bored but in the morning make sure he is somehow compensated.

  2. Entire April in Germany!!

    Must still update blog... about what christianPFC do in Germany...

    I read everyday...

  3. Don't worry, I have blogging material for a year, I will continue posting when time permits.

    Nothing blog-worthy planned in Germany.

  4. I still hope at one point you publish something about Plain of Jars

  5. yes i read every day also so good!


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