Saturday, 8 March 2014

Ratchada night market is no more?

Ratchada night market is no more?

Last Saturday (01.03.2014) I went to the area where Ratchada nightmarket is supposed to be (between MRT Ladprao and MRT Ratchada), but there was nothing. I learned of this market here:

As far as I can tell, Suan Lum night market moved to that area in 2010 and stayed there until construction of the mall began (which is still under construction).

Suan Lum Night Bazar Ratchadaphisek (picture taken from the pedestrian bridge, advertising banner on their construction site):

From the intersection Ladprao-Ratchada I coldn't see any market and no area that could accommodate a market.

Update July 2015: the night market is gone
but there is a new Ratchada Railway Market behind Esplanade (MRT Thailand Cultural Center)
Ratchada night market became JJ Green / Siam Gypsy

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  1. thats a shame, we can sadly add this to the list of the old lumphini night bizarre also

  2. Not quite so.
    Suan Lum-most vendors are moved to that tourist-hi-price thing ASIATIQUE
    That Ratchda market has been moved quite far out of town to a new site along Sri Nakarin, somewhere near to Seacon and that other Mall. Thaivisa has posted about it.
    BTW-there also used to be a weekend-evening market, mostly private persons selling own stuff, not commercial supply, around the UNION Mall, LardPrao near Central. is that still there?

  3. There is a market along Ladprao in front of Union Mall, and along Pahonyothin in front of Central Ladprao. It's open every day, closes about 10 pm. Mostly clothes and mobile phone paraphernalia. I pass that area regularly and haven't seen anything that fits your description.


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