Friday, 18 July 2014

Bangkok museums: Muse Pass

Bangkok museums: Muse Pass

Visit 20 museums in Bangkok for 199 Baht, pass can be purchased from now (start June 2014) until 31.12.2014 and used until 31.03.2015.

Websites: (Thai) (English, recommended)

Free flyer (Thai, no addresses).

With purchase of ticket comes a "Museum Passport" (or rather the passport is the ticket, with area for stamp for each museum) with more information, in Thai and English (realized this too late, should have bought a muse pass for Siam House of Bizarre Creatures; horrible mistake that cost me 60 Baht because I paid 60 Baht entry and will buy the muse pass as well, which would get me in for free).

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  1. Kann bis 31.03.15 benutzt werden. Mit den Daten hast Du es ja :))) Aber Dein blog ist toll. Gruss Frank


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