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Cambodia day 2 Phom Penh

Cambodia day 2 Phom Penh

Tuesday, 01.07.2014

Walk around in Phom Penh. Art Deco railway station (not in use).

Withdraw 200 USD from Canadia Bank ATM (no fee), close to railway station. Get two new 100 USD notes, go into the bank to have them exchanged into 10 USD notes (draw a number and wait 5 minutes). Visit Penh hill. At the south entrance, there is a woman who collects money (1 USD) from foreigners for entrance, however other entrances are not manned. You could sneak in for free from other entrances, maybe the whole operation is a scam (she had no uniform, all signs were movable, but the ticket looked real).
Around the hill is a park, with many people (of different social background, I would say) when I was there (11 to 12). Spotted some cute boys, made eye contact with one and finally sat down next to him to ask him for the way to Central Market (I know the way, but won’t let this come between me and a cute boy; a common ploy I use to chat up boys). 

Limited English, but points me in the right direction. After a minute of silence I am about to get up, when he asks me: “Sir like massage boom-boom?” “Yes, I do. And you?” “You massage I?” “Thank you, not now, I go to the market.” I think there would be money involved, nonetheless, for cruising I would go there.

Reach Central Market, then follow Khmer Architecture Tours walking map (points 27 to 42). 

Walk around in Phnom Penh. Repairing flat tire on the sidewalk (they don't even have to remove the wheel):

Take mocy to Amam sauna (1 USD, two tuk-tuk driver refused 1 USD and quoted 2 USD, without meter you need some experience to find the right price, better than overpaying). Arrive 3:05 pm, first customer (and staff told me so, but more would come in soon). First time I am the first customer in a sauna.

At 5 pm, sauna was full, and when I left 6:50, locker number 89 was the highest number. There were two other farang. Music in sauna good.

Walk to LOVE Spa For Men, stay there 7:00 to 7:35 pm. They had 78 customers on that day at the time I entered. Check Hatha Khmer Spa (street 350, 50 meter just around the corner, new place not to be confused with Hatha Khmer street 368), 8:15 pm 19 customers, no massage boys available, so I give it a miss.

Walk to Hatha Khmer Massage by man (street 368). About 20 masseurs, who all get up from the garden at the entrance to stand in a kind of aquarium for me to chose. There is one bordercase and the rest is not my type. One hour oil massage 10 USD, I inquire about expected tip: 20 USD for special massage, otherwise 5 USD. The room is large and clean with bathroom. Masseur starts in underwear, professional massage. Halas, apart from being not so much my type, a bit too fat and skin too cold (when I touch him very innocently and furtively). So I won’t raise the subject of happy ending, if he doesn’t we will leave it at massage. But after turning around, he asks “special massage?” and to gather information for my readers I agree. He starts wanking and sucking me, but is out of reach of my arms, so I pull him over for hugging and groping. Afterwards he joins and washes me in the shower. 20 USD tip well deserved. I entered 20:35 and left 21:25, i.e. I didn’t get a full hour massage. Apart from this, I can whole-heartedly recommend the place (based on one visit).

Walk to Blue Chili, arrive 22:35. About 10 customers, among them 3 local boys who chat me up and are most probably moneyboys. But the shirtless boys disassembling the foodstall diagonally opposite are much more interesting. Leave 23:05.

Go to Heart of Darkness, enter 23:30. Drink 2 USD. Music ok, smoking inside allowed, but I can’t smell it. Ground floor about 100 customers (can accommodate 200), upstairs few customers (can accommodate 100), the boys I met in Blue Chili play snooker. I am alone at my table and a beautiful girl comes to chat with me, finally rubbing my crotch (beware of pickpocket!), and taking my hand and pressing it on her boobs. I tell her I am gay and to illustrate this show her pictures of boys on my phone. She stays on my table, I consider moving to get rid of her, but then she calls over a boy and leaves me alone with the boy. Not my type, we exchange a few pleasantries. Leave 00:35.

On my way back, still on 51 street close to tourist nightlife, I notice some people squatting in a corner and using a lighter. I have a closer look and ask what they are doing. Ice! (I guessed right.)

Plenty of homeless people sleeping in hammocks or on the street or in cyclos (maybe all cyclo drivers are homeless and sleep in their cyclo?).

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  1. Usual great report, thank you for thinking about us and succumbing to special massage at Hatha. I'm impressed with professional solidarity of workers at Heart of Darkness


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