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Siam House of Bizarre Creatures

Siam House of Bizarre Creatures


13.7777598,100.4577554 = 13°46'39.9"N 100°27'27.9"E
(both Wat Taling Chan and Taling Chan Floating Market are misplaced in google maps). From Chak Phra road (ถนนชักพระ) enter Wat Taling Chan (วัดตลิ่งชัน) and turn right at the canal.

Open Tuesday to Sunday 9:00-17:00.

How I got there: from bus stop Ratchadamri road in front of Central World take bus 79 (the only line that goes past Taling Chan Floating Market), 8 Baht, 13:35 - 14:25 (plus half an hour wait for bus). Several other bus lines (e.g. 149, 507, making it directly accessible from Sathorn/Silom) pass in about 1 km distance.

Entry 30 Baht Thai child, 60 Thai adult, 150 Foreigner (but I got in for 60 just by speaking Thai). This includes a guide (I saw two adults and three teenagers in school uniform) who will explain the exhibits in Thai (no English).

Websites: (in Thai) (mainly Thai, funny pictures)

Entrance gate of Wat:

Entrance to museum (not a museum in the sense that there is anything to learn, just a collection of curiosities):

Duck with four feet (two of them crippled):

These trees are called (from right to left): father, mother and boy.

Lighting inside is low, furthermore the animals don't stay still for photography, please excuse some pictures in poor quality.

Gecko with two tails:

Turtle with two heads (right) and Siamese twin turtles (left):

Collection of dead animals, three turtles joined (middle):

The lower fish is missing part of his abdomen:

Fish without eyes:

Fish with big eyes:

Fish with one eye (and bent spine, can only swim in circles):

Two fish connected at the abdomen, both are breathing:

I was at the museum 14:43 to 15:29 (including ogling at cute visitors).

The floating markets (Wat Taling Chan Floating Market and Taling Chan Floating Market, a few hundred meters apart) were nothing to write home about. Very few foreigners at Wat Taling Chan Floating market, may foreigners at Taling Chan Floating Market, but both were close to closing time. Part of Taling Chan Floating Market is underneath railway bridge. I saw several boats with small groups of farang driving past.

From Wat Taling Chan Floating Market, you can rent a boat (800 Baht, 1.5 hours, no public service or waiting for other passengers to share), Taling Chan Floating Market has a boat tour 3 hours 99 Baht per passenger, 9:45 am.

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  1. Bus 79 is since many years only orange AC-so should cost more. It runs very often, but also often gets clogged up. Also bus 57 passes this TC-water/market area, connects with extension of BTS at WWYai-attention-this is a circular line.
    TH has quite a lot of these ''guiness book of strange records'' weird things/collections.


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