Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Pattaya 15.-17.07.2014

Pattaya 15.-17.07.2014

Tuesday 15.07.2014

Van from Sri Ratcha to South Pattaya, then song theo to Tuk-Com (to check massage places on the way to Sunee, nothing new). There are vans that to go Jomtien, try to get one of those next time (for a change, want to stay in Jomtien Complex to check nightlife there, but want direct transport; from Sukhumvit south Pattaya I would have to use two song theos). Marina Inn Plaza still has special: standard room 499 Baht, great value for money!

A friend wants to meet again, and he works in a Sunee beer bar, so better to meet him first (in the afternoon before he starts work). Still sleeping when I call him, but comes over within one hour. I later learned that he stays across the street.

The problem with beer bar boys is that they see what’s going on in the soi. When I walk past him, alone or with company, there is a high chance he will chat me up or message me “where are you going”, “what are you doing” and the like. I might end up going from one end of Sunee to the other end with a detour past Two Guy’s Guesthouse and Happy Boys to avoid being seen by a beer bar boy.

Dinner, then stroll around on Beach road and Boyztown. Some time to kill, so I think of going for massage (no happy ending now, but maybe next time with the same masseur).

One cute masseur at Scandic Massage, inquire prices: 1 hour oil massage 1500 Baht (all included), “just massage” would still be 500 for the shop and 700 for the boy, I skip. On second road, I can get 1 hour oil massage for 300 + 200.

It starts to rain, so I sit out the rain (light to medium), in Serene 19:10 to 20:10. About 20 customers all venues in that corner combined, none of the boys is my taste.

20:15 walk past Wild West Boys, it looks promising.

Dream Boys (Pattaya) has re-opened, so I have to go there. The hardships of writing a blog. Enter 20:15, first customer, no boys on stage yet, but preparing. Coke 170 Baht. In the course of my stay, there were between 3 and 10 boys on stage, 4 of which I would take for free and two I would off (and have offed one of them elsewhere), that’s a new record. Air con ok, music ok, toilets ok, didn’t witness smoking inside, boys don’t have their mobile phone on them, few tattoos, underwear all Aussibum weekdays (suits some boys well, others not at all). Boys seem to enjoy themselves (especially one whom I have met before in a beer bar, extrovert and hyperactive, I would say he is an invaluable asset to his employer by bringing a fun atmosphere to the bar).

A boy enters in street clothes. Probably new recruit (mamasan shows him way to locker room, they search for underwear and number for him). Stands alone with a bewildered/bored look all the time I am there.

Before leaving 21:45, I tip four boys (cutest, most entertaining) 100 Baht each. Cheering from waiters and boys. I have never done this before, an irreparable taint to my reputation as cheapskate.

This first visit was very promising, I wish them good luck and will probably be back next time I’m in Pattaya.

Stroll to Walking Street. Fish massage 15 minutes 50 Baht (can get even cheaper: 20 minutes 50 Baht or 15 minutes 40 Baht, but then without view on Walking Street). A conundrum: the cheapest fish massage I know of is on Walking Street (elsewhere usually 150 Baht 15 minutes).

Turkish ice cream show 80 Baht (for small cone; for child 60 Baht, medium and large cone more than 100 Baht). Quite expensive, these prices are not posted, they show you a menu when you ask at the stall.

Return to Sunee and spend the rest of the night at Gurke, chat with friend from Germany (or German speaking foreigners). Rooms in Gurke have been refurbished and now it’s good value for money at 500 Baht per night.

Wednesday 16.07.2014

Get up at 12 and meet friend for lunch. He has a mocy, so we can take trips to places that are inconvenient to reach on foot or public transport.

Pattaya Floating Market and Dinosaur Adventure Park separate post.

Dinner with friend, then separate (he wants to chat with friends nearby, I go to my room). Check my list of boys for some afternoon fun. One boy (I haven’t met him before) is online on gayromeo and free. First contact 17:15, in my room 17:55, fastest I remember.

Upon knocking on my door and entering my room * he asks for money for mocy taxi (60 Bath, discussed in advance), and then leaves with the money to pay mocy taxi, but comes back. From there on, everything smooth.

* Which came as a surprise. It has been a long time since a boy knocked on my door, usually we meet outside, even if the boy knows where I live, and then we go to my room. Where I live now there is a door from outside to the hallway, sometimes unlocked, sometimes locked, otherwise I would make it a point having boys knock on my door instead of picking them up downstairs.

Krazy Dragon 20:25 to 22:40. Coke 150 Baht. 4 Boys in underwear (and nothing else), 3 boys additionally T-shirt and two of them additionally boxers. All boys chatty and playfull, but not pushy. Music, aircon, toilet ok, level of English spoken by the boys ok. No smoking in bar, no mobile phones on the boys. I like the screens that play colorful geometrical shapes according to the music, often more interesting than the boys.

I am an adversary of boys wearing T-shirts or street trousers in gogo bars. Hints (asking two different members of staff why some boys wear T-shirts and if they can take them off) and direct asking the boys when they sit next to me to take off their shirts, even tugging on their shirts, does not work. One suggested I buy him a drink, then he would take off his shirt. That’s a tremendous misunderstanding, usually shirtless boys on the stage is a prerequisite for me entering a gogo bar.

They tell me they are shy, but their actions prove different. Anyway, if you are shy a gogo bar is the wrong place. I would tentatively say they feel cold without shirt.

Leave without offing a boy (not even tipping a boy, the cute ones were in shirts), but make a note to come back some time for one boy.

Walking Street, Bali Hai Pier, Walking Street, Beach Road, Boystown. 00:40 many boys outside Wild West Boys because show is inside; very promising.

Drink at Gurke, than back to my room (2 am). Pass the boy from Tuesday in beer bar, chat. Half an hour later (2:30 am), he calls me and wants to stay with me. Fine, he can join me after work, and does so (3 am).

Thursday 17.07.2014

I wake up around 10 am, the boy is still sleeping. After some groping, I finally have to wake him up 12:30 (official check-out time is 12). After wanking and showering, we leave 13:45 (no charge for late check out). He is still tired and will go to his room to continue sleeping. He asks for money, I give him 500.

Should have made it clear at the start that when I call him, I will pay 1000 (going rate short time); when he calls me, he can stay with me for free, can have sex for free if he wants to, but has to get up with me. Different sleep-wake pattern is a general problem with my Thai friends when they stay over night.

Songthaeo to Jomtien, stroll one hour on the beach (2-3 pm), nothing new (few boys, in company of farang), bus back to Bangkok.

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  1. It looks Dreamboys is an attractive addition to BT scene.

    No , you are not cheapskate, good for you for tipping boys you liked.

    Once I got carried over at A-bomb and tipped 100 all boys on stage, at time 8 only , thanks God as I had only 8 'reds' on me. Actually good feeling for just 20 euros

  2. no you not cheapskate, but i pay 7-800 short term like the other commenter i read here before, & no complaints also (but this is sunnee boy not BT), goodluck trying to explain if you call them its 1000 but if they call you less, (after all if you see their room about 8 boys share a room some have sleep on floor & a dirty room also & they get free sex with you) i think with a thais way of thinking you can discuss this or try & get the message through to them about the different circumstances all night & still not get the sense through to them, in their eyes their working boys so its 1000 whatever but then no it isnt, not if they call you!
    its like if a boy sit with me in bar without me asking him i dont buy him a drink ( i didnt call him over as hes not my type & i certainly no want off him therefore) so why buy drink, i might touch him & look at what he has to show & tip though for this part, again trying to explain this to thais can be hard work,

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