Thursday, 31 July 2014

Men Factory sauna update

Men Factory sauna update

Friday, 25.07.2014

After a rather disappointing visit last year, time to visit Men Factory Sauna (Silom Soi 2/1, sometimes called Muffil 2 - 2nd branch of Muffil Ladprao 113) again to form a balanced opinion.

Current theme days (from 19.05.2014, note in the sauna):

Naked Party: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun (small towel only)
Underwear Night: Tue, Sat (Small towel only)
Big Towel: Thu
Sexy Boy Show: Wed-Fri-Sat

(And by "small towel" they mean small towel, I have seen bigger and thicker napkins in restaurants.)

Handwritten note:

Sexy Boy Live Show! Showtime Wed 8:15 pm, Fri-Sat 9:30 pm  

(I asked cashier who confirmed 9:30, however internet says 9, and the show was around 9)

Arrive 19:50. Pay 170 Baht entry. No condom or lube provided, towels are on 4th floor. A quick walk through the premises, around 20 customers, all Asian. There is still barbed wire as decoration in the maze. UNACCEPTABLE (I am not talking about interior decoration style or design, I am talking about security.) The minuscule cathode ray tube tv showing porn has been replaced by a decent size flat screen. 

There is one boy who looks cute, and he shows interest, so I let him lead me to a room. On the mattress, there is a wet spot (I only found out after putting my hand in it), wipe it off with towel, will never know what it was (but I can tell it was not water).

However, this was more to make him happy (sometimes I have a charitable moment) and to rig my statistics, I try to get paid encounters below 50%, and this is one free sex more and one paid encounter less.

Afterwards, take a shower. Want to get a fresh towel, but they are empty, and the table has a note in Thai "Towels are currently in the dryer. Come back in ten minutes". UNACCEPTABLE. Go to 5th floor and find the sexy boy show has already begun (around 9 pm). Two boys and seven spectators. The show lasts about 10 minutes, in the end the boys fuck in the nude, nothing to write home about. 

Finally get a towel and try their free soup (5th floor, rice soup with chicken?). The soup is good. A customer joins me and starts a conversation. Very good English and entertaining. Tells me about the background the name of Sukhumvit Soi 71 (Pridi Banomyong). The first time I have a chat about Thai history with a Thai. Sense of humor as well: when I get my 3rd refill of soup (small bowl), he comments:

Christian, do you know why people go to gay saunas? To have sex, not to have dinner!

During our conversation, I saw up to three rats. One of them carried food from the kitchen to it's lair, running across the room every five minutes.

No comb in the changing room, have to leave with messy hair.

Leave 22:45. About 10 customers left. While this visit can be counted as success (sex, dinner, conversation), I will be a very, very, very long time until I come back.

Other reports draw a similar picture:

Has any of my readers been there? What was your experience? 

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  1. agree with all your comments. I have seen rats on the upper floor each time I have been there so I don't eat the food as the rats come from the food prep area. The show is poor. When it first opened guys were more flirty.I wonder what Muffil 1 is like. I heard there are better shows there.

  2. I think that is me above. Same awful dance and no fucking. Muffill very quiet but some say come after midnight when all the disco guys return. Men Factory- yes, rats every time I have been there. Seed was good today.


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