Friday, 25 July 2014

Situations I get myself into

Situations I get myself into

Monday, 21.07.2014

Meet a Thai friend T for cinema in MBK. Last year we met weekly for sex, but then it got boring, now we meet once per month, sometimes he stays overnight, usually no sex, but I still tip him 500 Baht (he sometimes works Saranrom, that’s the going rate there, and he seems to be happy with it, otherwise he wouldn’t contact me more than once per week). This is to keep him on my list of potential fuckbuddies, should my interest in sex increase, I could meet him how often I want, even move him in. It took some weeks of training in the beginning, but now we have efficient communication and he is on time.

T had bad breath some occasions we met before, but today it is worse. I suspect he has a tooth problem and doesn’t dare to go or has no money for a dentist. I consider asking him the following day and take him to a dentist (in his area, Ramkhamhaeng, close to his place for repeat visits and most important probably cheaper than in Silom/Sathorn, but then I would have to go every time to pay directly) and offer to pay.

Come back from Cinema around 1:30 am. Taxi meter is at 51 Baht, will change to 53 Baht soon, and there is a boy who looks cute C in front of 7/11, so I let the taxi stop there and walk the remaining distance to my place. (51 Baht fare round down to 50 Baht, 53 Baht round up to 60.) C follows us and sneaks into the building. When climbing stairs, we exchange a knowing look, but he is not so much my type.

He must have noticed that I am in company. Nonetheless, a minute after I close my door (T and I in my room), it knocks. I ignore at first, but then it knocks again. Translated from Thai, from memory:

C: Are you alone?
I am with a friend.
C: Is your friend man, woman or gay? (Quite an intrusive question from a stranger.)
My friend is Thai. (Evasive answer, not his business.)
(So far C and T couldn’t see each other, separated by the door, but now T joins the conversation.)
T: Who are you and why do you want to know?
(Time to cut this short.) Sorry, I am not free now. (And shut the door.)

I really don’t know the boy, I hope T believes me (but even if not, it doesn’t really matter).

T goes to 7/11 to buy food (or maybe he wants to have a word with C on the floor or outside, or wants to give C a chance to talk with me alone?). C knocks again, I tell him I’m not free.

Tuesday 22.07.2014

I wake up around 10, T sleeps until 4 pm (from 2 am to 4 pm, that’s 14 hours!), and leaves 4:45 pm. Too late for me to take any actions regarding dentist, as I will meet a Farang friend 5:30.

Has any of my readers paid for dental work on Thai friends? Any idea how to deal with bad breath of Thai friends?


Thursday, 24.07.2014

Farose 2 sauna Ramkhamhaeng Soi 21, 23:45-01:30. About 40 customers at any given time during my stay. There are three boys on 2nd or 3rd floor who look attractive (low light, I don’t wear glasses). They chat and one approaches me:

Do you live in Sathorn?
Do you live near (more detail)?
Do you live in (more detail)?
Yes. (Trying to figure out where we met or how he knows.)

Then another boy takes over and finally wants to go to a room, but I decline after putting my hand on his waist to check skin temperature and body fat.

Later our paths cross again, I ask the boy where he lives and it turns out we live in the same building. I noticed them before in the hallway and exchanged smiles (indicating mutual recognition of homosexuality and interest), but did not recognize them in the sauna. Finally I get a closer look at the third boy, it’s the one who knocked on my door in the episode above.

I tell them I am about to leave and offer a free taxi ride (stressing that I would go to bed and sleep once  home). But one of the boys is still upstairs, so the others tell me to wait. Of course, it takes longer than expected, so I have a look around, cross paths, they could not find the third, so I leave alone. That delayed my return more than half an hour.

The taxi cost 100 Baht and took 12 km, 25 minutes In retro flexion. If they can afford entry to sauna 160 Baht each, they can as well afford taxi back, but it was my idea to share taxi to save their money (but finally it cost my time).


Some years ago, I had a misunderstanding about a free taxi ride. A boy in front of Malaysia chatted me up, I told him I would go to Silom, so would he. I offered him free taxi ride, he joined me. However once arrived, he wouldn’t leave me alone, followed me, asked for money and finally threatened to call the police (he didn’t specify for what). Probably a moneyboy who thought I had booked him.

Lesson learned: do not offer free taxi rides to strangers (but the idea of saving money, even if it’s someone else’s, is enticing).

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  1. Christian, I met a boy on the beach in Pattaya who took care of the chairs and umbrellas. He was missing one front tooth. Because he was young and handsome I offered to go to the dentist with him and he appreciated.

    As far as I remember it cost me something around 2000 baht and a very nice tooth was made for him, which he could put in and take out, but as I had seen that before, it seems to be common.

    Still one and two years later he was still "wearing" his tooth and was still thankful for my help. Go for it !

    Cheers , Frank

  2. No don't go for it. The boy will fall in love with you, but will still have bad breath and his skin will be a bad temperature, his underware will be the wrong colour and you could end up spending 10 baht more for a cab ride home. Fuck man you really need to get back to Germany.

  3. bad breath may be caused by either tooth or stomach problem, if you like a boy go with him for dentist check up.

    Good deeds tend to be repaid in time.
    Short term solution is Listerine, I always have small bottle on me , offer boy after I flush my mouth first so he is not feeling bad.

    Don't go to Germany , disregard rant of 2nd anonymous who needs your stories to keep his blood pressure ta proper level.

    As for underwear I agree with you , they enhance boy attractiveness, I don't like boxer types like boys at Eros Bar are using on some shows.

  4. disregard the bad comments, christian needs to save money as he doesnt have a job now, so every baht counts, thailand is lucky to have him spending his money there, as hes young & far from retirement, again being young i assume he doesnt have much savings so needs to be wise with his money! at least hes living the dream so goodluck to you my friend-marc

  5. Your friend is still young, but it is always helpful to guide him on proper dental care. Get him to see a dentist in the Thai neighbourhoods where rates are much cheaper than in Silom. Just like maintaining a car, your teeth & gums need professional attention. Early intervention on any problem will save time & money. Start with scaling & polishing, followed by removal of rotten teeth & repairing the ones that can still be salvaged. Get an honest quotation & compare prices. Your friend will be grateful to you for ever..... Eduard

  6. Bad breath can also be an indication of a Methamphetamine or ICE addiction:


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