Thursday, 24 July 2014

Oh my god! (6) Fedfe yet pet

Oh my god! (6) Fedfe yet pet

Recently two Thai friends came to my room and watched videos from youtube on my computer. Fedfe เฟ็ดเฟ่ is a group of Thai men who do crazy stuff and post it on youtube (in western countries, there are even TV series with similar stuff). 

One of their videos is informally called "yet pet" (เย็ดเป็ด - fuck the duck).

FEDFE ตอน 7- เจ็ทจะย่อง นะครัชช(หญิงเด็กโลกสวยห้ามดู)

Watch for yourself:

In short, the story is: Thai men assess the suitability of various foodstuff as masturbatory aid, then cook food with the very foodstuff they used before, feed it to unsuspecting friends and observe their reaction after revealing the history of the foodstuff.

This serves as well as a testimony to my total lack of seducing skills. It should be a piece of cake inducing group wanking with two Thai boys after watching a 20 minute video about masturbation on youtube, but I missed this chance. 

And once we are on the subject of inter-racial animal sex:

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